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I thought a official Wiki chat page would allow room for those who need a place to share ideas, and collaborate on Entries. Enjoy.

- Zero

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Hey guys! Just thought I'd clarify something: don't sign stuff in the Main Theories and Observations section of the Entry pages. That section is for straight-up observations, or well-agreed-upon theories that generally can't be attributed to just one person. Anything that is really speculative or relatively unsupported by direct evidence can be put in the Further Speculation section, which is intended for exactly that kind of discussion. Other than that, awesome updates to the wiki lately!
~JKatkina 9/04/2012 04:46 EDT

Just a quick reminder: When writing about the character in the Marble Hornets series, call him "the Operator", not "Slender Man" on this wiki. That is the presumed in-game name we are using. ~Zarggg 4/29/2012 19:25 EDT

Hey, i think we should create a hashtag about MH's turning (and probably ending) point. Maybe #endhim

Hey guys, I have done ALLOT of digging around and investigating, and I have turned up some interesting things, bear in mind, this is done from a Christian point-of-view.
Ok, tothearks name, when broken up, is to-the-ark. know, in the bible the ark is where the 10 commandments are held, the 10 commandment hold great knowlage and power, enough to (supposedly) level army's and city's . It is known that The Operator (happy, Zarggg?) is NOT human, he may be a demon or nefelium (google it)(and no, not the band). Demons are not usually friendly. If you are familiar with the Illumicorp/illuminati (again, Google it) theory (its actually fact) then you would probably have realised that Illumicorp is not doing this out of their own free will (Maybe the leader is possessed or something). this means that satin/his demons would be in on the whole thing. If The Operator is a demon then he could be trying to find the ark, give it to Illumicorp, and then they can use it as a weapon for their plans.
well, thats my theory anyway!
~ Isaac

I'm just now watching this series for the first time, and I'm hoping that I'm putting this in some sort of correct place (I really have no idea what I'm doing). On Entry #11, there is a pair of eyes starting at 0:56, and I didn't want to edit the page in case of doing something wrong.
EDIT: Just watched #12, and once again, a pair of eyes starting at 0:36. Don't know if any of this stuff is already known, but there is a sort of sound that happens as the camera comes into view of the Operator on the left as the camera pans, as if it is made by him moving there.
- Adam

I have been thinking about these two theories for a while but I have never really put it down on the web.
Theory 1) The Operator is a being that cannot act on the world without some sort of host to act through. In the early entries The Operator would only stalk Alex but we would never really see him hurt Alex, but as the entries would go on and Alex's fear increasing, The Operator may have been able to infiltrate Alex's mind or soul. It would explain how Alex changed personalities and became angry and violent and dangerous. It could also explain why The Operator is often seen when Alex is nearby.
Theory 2) totheark is not any one person, but the group of people who will stop at nothing to stop The Operator. Masky has shown that he is willing to physically harm Jay. Even going as far as to put himself in danger by getting in the way of a gun just to help Jay and Jessica escape. Even though Hoody has never really harmed Jay, he seems to be the least afraid of The Operator, retrieving the camera from the woods after seeing The Operator chase down Jay.
- supabamman

Hey, I've been editing and adding, and if anyone wanted something to do, I made a list because I'm a nerd. Entries 50-54, 61, 62, 64 and 65 need transcripts. So do a lot of the totheark videos… Entry 49 and 58's transcripts needs to be completed (and touched up, they doesn't match the other entries' transcripts very well, especially 49). Any way, I'll be working on these, but if you're bored, there you go.
-Kaylee2014 (12/21/12)

Okay. This all started for me around summer. I was reading things about Slender when a link led me to Marble Hornets. I click the link and watched the Introduction. Then I watch 1-10. I was scratching my head. Then at 18…aw man I was having nightmares about Masky. So here are my theories.
Theory 1) The Operator was after Alex from the beggenining. Because of the "Ark" Totheark is hoody. And Masky's are the people defending the Ark from other people discovering it. It my insane theory.
~Ethan Cook (12/27/12)
HELLO! I'm kind of new to this whole thing, and I'm wondering how much information we are not getting. Jay states in Introduction that he would post what he thought was important, so we may not be getting the whole picture here, since only what HE sees as important is posted, and not everything we need is posted. So I think that all theories should be put into question, since we really don't know anything yet
-Theo Dupre (8/7/14)

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