totheark (Youtube Channel)

totheark is the name of both the YouTube channel where video replies to The Entries are posted and the assumed name for the person(s) behind the account. The videos are thought to contain the missing or distorted audio to The Entries, as well as strings of text or symbols of unexplained origins and significance. Neither the identity of totheark nor whether it is an individual or group has been revealed. Sometimes totheark is believed to take over the Marble Hornets channel and posts his/her/their own entries which Jay either leaves as is, or unlists it and re-uploads in his own Entries with his title slates. Who each video is for seems to vary. The followings biggest interest is the questions of who or what is totheark and what the "ark" actually is.


Totheark first appeared when he posted his regards as a reply to Entry 9. Little was known from this at the time, however, as it seemed a very difficult code to crack. The Regards video was a series of flashing boxes of slashes ending in CLOSELY written strangely set to distorted audio which has not been placed concretely.

Totheark returned when he uploaded his Operator Video and set it as a response to Entry 10. This one seemed to be a little more obvious in its message to LISTEN.

He returned a third time shortly after Entry 11 was uploaded, posting Deluge.

When Jay posted Entry 12, he twittered that he was expecting a response from totheark, and totheark did not disappoint. Only two days later, totheark's impurity appeared online.

Five days after Entry 13, totheark responded with Exit.

Three days after Entry 14, totheark responded with Program.

Nine days after Entry 15, totheark responded with Advocate.

Five days after Entry 16, totheark responded with Addition.

Three days after Entry 17, totheark responded with Signal.

Eleven days after Entry 18, totheark responded with Messages.

Seven days after Entry 19, totheark responded with Return.

One day after Entry 20, totheark responded with Version.

Nineteen days after Entry 22, totheark posted Attention.

Ninety-one days after Entry 16, totheark posted Admission.

Six days after Entry 23, totheark posted Warning.

Totheark also seems to be responsible for Entry ######, as Jay claims he did not upload it.

Two days after Entry 34 (after over a year of silence), totheark posted Fragments.

Eleven days after Entry 35, totheark posted Broadcast.

Thirteen days after Entry 36, totheark posted Sidetone.

Like with Entry ######, Totheark seems to be responsible for enttry 37, as Jay claims he did not upload it.

Nine days after Entry 39, totheark posted Forecast.

Thirteen days after Entry 40, totheark posted Intermission.

Eight days after Entry 41, totheark posted Indicator.

Eleven days after Entry 42, totheark posted Memories.

Ten days after Entry 43, totheark posted Inquiry.

Thirteen days after Entry 46, totheark posted Classified.

One day after Entry 48, totheark posted Sidenote.

Twenty-one days after Entry 49, totheark posted Extraction.

Five days after Entry 53, totheark returned with Reminder.

Ten days after Entry 54, totheark posted Decay.

Eight days after Entry 57, totheark posted Session.

Eight days after Entry 59, totheark posted Reference.

Eighteen days after Entry 60.5, totheark posted observation.

totheark is suspected to be the uploader of entry, which Jay later edited into Entry 61.

Sixteen days after Entry 62, totheark posted Isolation.

Twelve days after Entry 64, totheark posted Display.

Forty-two days after Entry 65, totheark posted Surveillance.

totheark is also suspected to be the uploader of 68, which Jay edited into Entry 68.

Twenty-five days after Entry 68, totheark posted Decline.

Twelve days after Entry 74, totheark posted Conversion.

Thirty-one days after Entry 76, totheark posted File.

Twelve days after Entry 79, totheark posted Quadrant.

Fourteen days after Entry 82. totheark posted Null.


Speculation & Analysis

Totheark's Identity:

  • The general consensus is that totheark is someone who was involved in the original filming of Marble Hornets, although opinions are split on which of those people is totheark.
  • Possible identitys include:
    • Masked Man
      • Jay stated in Entry 19 that he believed totheark is the masked man.
      • Tim's face appears (acording to some people) in Messages.
      • The masked man appears in Warning.
    • Alex Kralie
      • Entries 45 and 46 show that Alex is being influenced by the Operator in some way.
    • Hooded Man (masked man wearing hoody from Entry 41)
      • Footage of Jay sleeping at the park is uploaded in Forecast, and Hoody appears in the park the next day.
    • Multiple people.
      • Some theorize that a group of masked people are part of totheark.
      • Multiple~ totheark uploaders could account for the differences in style in totheark's videos. Jay implicates he believes the videos are made by different people because of the change in styles

What if totheark is a group of beings, not people, as shown in the correspondence section above, where totheark responds to a question about why Alex cannot be trusted, with because he is human. ~supabamman

Something about Moses, the Ark, and the number 79 in the Koran?:

Moses is referred to in the Qur'an in passage 79.15-25 (Sura 79, lines(?) 15-25), which happens to be the Surat An-Naziat (Rough English translation: 'Those Who Drag Forth', 'Soul-snatchers')~Urrg

I went looking around for information about arks. The Blue Letter Bible has some etymology about the hebrew root of 'ark' and usages in the Bible. Wikipedia reports that in modern synagogues, an 'ark' is used to house the Torah. It is usually located on the east side of the building (including The House?). It can also generally refer to any sacred enclosure in which important documents and items are kept, i.e. the Ark of the Covenant. This immediately brings Admission and other recent totheark videos to my mind (see below). totheark's name might basically mean "let's go to the place where the secrets are kept, like an ark".~FekketCantenel

I've always assumed that totheark is Alex. If my speculation about Entry 19 is correct, he has access to a video camera and the equipment/software necessary to transfer, edit, and upload video. He also has access to footage filmed by Alex but not made available to J until now.

He probably found out that J was going over his tapes and getting involved in what Alex had tried to escape. Therefore, Alex came back, camped out in his old house (mattress on the floor), and used either a public computer or one hidden in the house to edit and upload responses to Entries 9 through 17 that consisted mostly of gibberish. I think these were meant to creep out J and discourage him from pursuing the mystery. When J continued and visited Alex' old house, totheark was there (in a mask) to try to scare him away more violently.

When this effort failed and J uploaded Entry 18 and continued to speculate, totheark had a change of heart. When he realized that J wasn't going to back off, he decided to protect him instead, hence the Messages video with its abruptly coherent accusal of keeping secrets. This reminded J to look at his sleep-footage and discover what became Entry 19 (see my speculation on that page). In the reply, Return, if totheark is the one holding the camera, he seems to be distracting Slender Man away from J, who is helpless. Finally, in response to Entry 20, he posts Version, which spurs J to go to the red tower.

totheark's overarching switch from incoherent, 'coded' nonsense to more coherent, helpful videos indicates to me that his attitude has changed. If J meets him again, my money is that totheark will either avoid or silently assist him, and that there will be no more violent confrontation.

One other detail in support of this theory is that those followed by Slender Man seem to develop health problems. J, for example, has coughing fits. During his attack on J, totheark has a mild seizure, which would indicate that he's also been around Slender Man for a long time.

My only confusion is over the fact that Alex hasn't revealed himself yet. According to the Return video, Slender Man is now aware that Alex is back ('found you'). The human authorities are probably the least of his worries. My best guess is that he's ashamed of bringing this situation down upon his friends (especially J) and can't face him yet. ~FekketCantenel

If the video descriptions from all totheark videos are added together, it says "Yes, Remember me? 7 eyes. s.+" Maybe that's some kind of clue?

Do you think that ARK could possibly be an acronym? The first thing that came to mind for me was Alex <X> Kralie = ARK. Middle name of Robert, Roger, etc.? Maybe because (until entry 26) Alex had escaped from the Slender Man, Slendy/Masky needed J and the videos to help find Alex. That's why totheark was coming for J, and J "will lead us, to the ark."

The creators of the series have said explicity that this theory is wrong multiple times. -baseballfuries08

I think that the theory that totheark is now helping Jay makes the most sense, as evidenced by the helpful and guiding videos, and various helpful actions in the entries, provided that Hoodie is totheark. Totheark's namesake questto be led (supposedly by Jay) "to the ark"is likely very important. It may be possible that given TTA's apparent opposition to the Operator, "the ark" could perhaps be a physical object or place which holds the key to defeating the operator? Additionally, the qualities of TTA Are interesting. I would assume that he has some sort of immunity to the Operator's controlling and memory-erasing effects, but he has implied that he needs Jay to lead him "to the ark".

I think totheark is Tim, due the following reasons:


I agree with DavisGavin's speculation that totheark is Tim. Since he was going to a mental clinic (Entry #53), Tim may have been suffering from a multiple personality disorder, having his own personality and that of totheark. This makes the speculation a bit more plausible.

I have my own theory. I don't think Tim is ToThe Ark, so I'll ignore him. There appear to be at least two differnet masks used by TTA. The white one, which is seen in several TTA videos and Entry 19 and several others, and the black balaclava seen in Entry 41, which would suggest two different people. Also, the ToTheArk videos seem to be styled very differently, which also suggests multiple people.

Continuing with this theory and the assumption the TTA is the White Masked Man usually seen, he/she/they seem to have a personal vendetta against Alex, which is evidenced when they lead him stright to Tim, who then tries to brain him with a rock (i don't remeber what entry this is, but you probably know which one I mean). This leads me to think that ToTheArk is all of the missing MarbleHornets crew members. Seth, Sarah and Brian. This explains the coughing, the variations in the masks and videos, and the willingness to help Tim get revenge on Alex. I'm going by the assumption that Alex lured all of the crew members into the Operator's clutches, like he did with Brian.

In particular, i think it is safe to say that the masked figure who attacks Jay in Brian's house is definatly Brian, which would explain why he didnt want to be unmasked. He didnt want to let Jay know who he was. however, i can only guess as to why he doesnt reveal himself. It may be because ToTheArk assumes that Alex is watching the Entries, so he/she/they dont want Alex to know that they are still alive.

So basically, I theorise that ToTheArk is the missing crew of Marble Hornets, who Alex has vaguely described as…gone. The SIR

I have a theory on what ToTheArk's motives are. I think ToTheArk believes Alex has been chosen by The Operator for some purpose, "The Ark." However, he believes Alex is unworthy to be chosen by rejecting it, "you are broken.", "you cannot be fixed." "You've done nothing", so ToTheArk wants to replace Alex as The Operator's choice. This explains why he seems to be trying to help Jay.

I think the Ark is most likely, as earlier suggested, is LOSELY referring to the biblical sense. I may be wrong, but all places that relate to the Operator, appear to have to do with fire. I-E The hospital, the trees in the forest where they tied prisoners, the painting, the want to burn the tapes, and Jays apartment. And going on the idea that Totheark wants to take down the Operator, a lot of the videos, and a lot of the videos reference water in some sense. Could this mean, the ark is the water to put out the fire? Or the boat to save them from the flood? After all, water also seems to be a warning. Well this just an idea, but I think its true. Water and Fire are huge factors in this. A lot of the references are subtle, but they are there. Even personality wise, Assuming Alex is influenced by the Operator has short fuse, and became agitated and fierce (traits you could call a fiery personality) While Jay appears to have a more passive and easily influenced personality, much like water. If totheark is trying to take down the operator, which I believe they are, then I think the Ark is refering to a sort of salvation or freedom from the Operator, more then waiting for Jay to take them to Alex. After all, they obviously don't have any trouble finding anybody, especially with that film editing skills and knowledge of computer binary, it wouldn't be hard to locate an IP adress or track him through his phone. The ark must be more then just Alex Kraile. And I do not believe it is Hoody alone. -KatsAtItAgain

I think Seth is TTA/ Hoody. In Entry 71, Jay is attacked by Alex. Seth happens to be nearby for whatever reason, forgot something at Alex's house, wanted to help him pack, whatever. Seth runs away and encounters The Operator, who makes him forget the incident. Then Alex convinced him to help him defeat the Operator, after Seth became aware of it. And after Alex took him to the location in Entry 22, he decided to end his alliance with Alex, formed to defeat the Operatorbut Alex probably started it to get rid of the MArble Hornets crewand go out on his own. Then Jay came into the picture with the Marble Hornets channel on Youtube. Seth suddenly remembers the attack and tries to scare him away with the frightening early videos. Then he becomes furious as it becomes apparent that Jay does not remember the attack, and Jay gains Seth's sympathies and he decides to help him. And all of this is because of the Ark. The early videos are Seth trying to dissuade Jay from getting involved, maybe because Seth wanted to get revenge on Alex(do something to or do something to Alex with the Ark, or just kill him), but then Seth realized that he may need Jay, so he decides to help him. Then, sometime during the months Jay forgot, it became clear that Seth couldn't just sit behind a computer all day, he needed to take action, so he became Hoody and tried to end it all by killing Alex, but The Operator came and he fled. He became increasingly frustrated, so then he took residence in an abandoned shack with the knowledge of TO's weakness, i.e. water, and uploaded videos there from thereon out. In Entry 80, he decided that Jay was no longer needed(maybe because he had scheduled an appointment with a doctor, maybe Jay had some sort of information locked away in his mind that seeing a shrink would unearth)and set him up to confront Alex with the promise of The Ark. Seth decided that Tim would fit Jay's role as his puppet nicely. I think Seth has planned ahead greatly, he could have control of a lot of events from now on. Of course, this is just wild speculation. Part of it, at least. ~TallShadow

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