The Operator

The Operator is the assumed proper name for the Slender Man in the Marble Hornets universe. This tall, strange figure is the primary antagonist for the cast and crew of the student film Marble Hornets. This being is somehow connected to the strange symbol known as the Operator Symbol.




Warning: Spoilers ahead about The Operator's and other character's doings. It is recommended that you do not to read about entries you haven't seen.


Entry 1 First seen here, the Operator is seen to be standing outside Alex Kralie's house.

Entry 2 Though not seen, Alex talks about seeing a man at the roadside on his way back to his house from the Marble Hornets set. (This man is most likely the Operator.)

Entry 4 Glimpses are seen of a tall man running past the camera; again, this is most likely the Operator.

Entry 6, thought to be a direct continuation from Entry 1, shows the Operator looking through the windows of Alex's House.

Entry 7 The Operator appears in the distance, observing the car that Alex is in, previously being hidden from the camera (and, supposedly, Alex) by Brian's head, though it is apparent that the Operator was not in that position a few seconds earlier.

Entry 10 The Operator appears twice: once at 0:50, behind some tall grass, and at 1:22 on the far right of the screen.

Entry 11 has a spot of light, possibly that of a shirt collar (0:33) and the silhouette of a man (01:05), appear either inside or outside of one of Alex's windows, and a shadow and gust of wind inside Alex's bedroom (1:55), all most likely caused by the Operator. In this Entry, certain drawings on the wall imply that the Operator is somehow related to totheark.

Entry 12 The Operator seems to have first appeared to Alex in this entry, when it appears in broad daylight to the actors and producers of Alex's movie, interrupting their shoot.

Entry 13 Alex seems to run into the Operator, either by accident or not. The Operator is also seen behind a fence just before the audio and video go wonky.

Entry 14 has the Operator actually enter Alex's room, presumably to do something, as Alex is seen later with blood covering his face and staring at something across the room.

Entry 17 The Operator appears outside the window located behind Tim from 0:14 until the distortion comes in.

Return Four seconds into the video it emerges from around a corner and approaches the camera.

Admission A figure similar to The Operator passes by the camera.

Entry 23 At 6:50, The Operator reaches toward Jay before the footage distorts.

Entry 26 The Operator appears inside the house with Alex and Amy.

Entry 29 shows the Operator standing at the end of a tunnel.

Broadcast The Operator may be the figure on the right side of the footage, but this is inconclusive.

enttry 37 The Operator appears immediately after young Alex blows out the candles on his birthday cake.

Entry 40 Jay has a very close encounter with the Operator and narrowly escapes, leaving his camera on the ground.

Entry 43 has Alex coming in dangerously close range of the Operator, bringing him to his hands and knees and seemingly putting him in a hypnotic state

Entry 44 has The Operator seemingly removing Alex from his room to an unknown location.

Entry 45 After video tearing occurs, the two masked people run off. It is likely that the Operator was present, though it was not seen.

Entry 46 The Operator appears in Alex's house.

Entry 48 The Operator is seen briefly in the woods.

Entry 49 After Alex murders the man in the tunnel, the Operator appears. It then disappears, taking the corpse with it.

Entry 51 has two Operator appearances: First in the hallway where Brian leans his head against the door, then at the entrance to the room with Tim in it.

Entry 52 The Operator appears in Jay's hotel room.

Entry 54 Though not confirmed, it appears The Operator attacks Alex, Seth, and Tim.

Entry 56 The Operator is seen at the end, after Alex attacks Tim.

Entry 60 The Operator is seen down in the maintenance tunnel after Jay finds Tim's old medical documents.

Entry 64 The Operator appears at the end of the tunnel, and Tim collapses.

Entry 65 The Operator appears in the tunnel after the camera goes red and it also appears in a doorway later on.

Entry 67 The Operator appears just as the hooded man is about to shoot Alex.

Entry 72 The Operator appears outside the window of Alex's old house, in the basement, and then again outside the house.1

Entry 76 The Operator appears at the end when Jessica is running through the woods. Jessica mistakes it for a passerby and runs after it for help.

Entry 80 The Operator appears at the end, he turns his head and reaches for Jay.

Entry 82 The Operator appears in multiple spots while Jay looks around after crossing through the tunnel.

Entry 86 The Operator teleports Alex and Tim from Benedict hall to Rosswood during their final confrontation.

Main differences between Slender Man and The Operator

  • The Operator has no tentacles, as the original Slender Man mythos had.

Further Speculation

  • Call me crazy, but in Entry #1, just before the Operator turns its head towards Alex (specifically 0:33-0:34) and more clearly whilst it turns its head, I can swear I see a moving tentacle. The reason I say this is mainly because as The Operators head moves, the "tentacle" appears to contract. Am I the only one who sees this? I am very well aware that common acceptance is that the Operator lacks tentacles, but who's to say that the Operator has just never had them deployed? The Slenderman could retract it's tentacles in the mythos… who's to say not the Operator as well? (Is it the Operators other arm? I somehow don't think so, but it just might be…) Refer to the second picture on this page to see what I mean- the "tentacle is to our left, reversely the Operators right- and watch the entry again to possibly understand what I mean. -Barn Owl
    • No tentacles are employed in this series. What you saw was either a trick of light, shadow, or just seeing what you want to see. ~Zarggg

More Information

  • See the Slender Man page for more details about the legend, rumors, and mythos behind the Slender Man (the OOG inspiration for the Operator).
  • See the totheark page for more details about totheark's connections to the Operator.
  • See the Operator Symbol page for more details about the mysterious symbol that keeps appearing around the Operator.
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