The Mask

The Mask is an black and white artifact seen in The Entries and in some of the totheark videos, worn by the Masked Man.

It is first seen in Entry #18 when Jay is in the House for the second time. It has been seen in several videos (Entry #19, Entry #23, entry######, Entry #33, Entry #35, Warning), with only one time that it is not on someone's face (briefly in #23).

There is another, similar artifact seen in Entry #26, though it is presented in a series of cryptic images, and little can be reliably ascertained regarding what has been dubbed the 'Skully' artifact.


The Mask is white and presumably plastic, looking to be basic human-face shaped mask that has been modified. Black shapes painted around the eyes as well as the lips of the mask are the two most obvious modifications, but there are also arched black "eyebrows" above the eyes, a black border around the edge of the mask, black borders on the nostrils, and two small black spots above the corners of the eye shapes, which might be borders on the holes where the string holds the mask to the head.

"Skully" seems to be similar, though the brevity of footage makes it difficult to discern, and the mouth is definitely different, being instead a simply-portrayed smile with block-like square teeth.


The most common cause for speculation is the purpose of the mask-

  • Some suggest that the mask is a charm (or something to that effect) that protects the wearer from the influence of The Operator.
  • Still others suggest that the mask is simply a way for the Masked Man to hide his identity from Jay.
  • Another common speculation is that the mask is Masked Man's way of coping with the horror of his experiences with the Operator, and indicates a personality entirely separate from his wearer.
  • Another theory is that the mask is an identifying mark for a group of persons.

Based on information gathered from other entries, it appears the Mask itself is simply a mask, and any supernatural abilities associated with it are inherent to the Masked Man himself. ~Zarggg

Another common point of speculation (related to the last piece above) is whether or not the Masked Man is the only masked figure-

  • The "skully" artifact, as well as this picture posted to the Twitter account are often cited as evidence for more than masked man. Additionally, some of the distorted images of the masked man in Entry ###### and the Warning video have been presented as possible alternate masked figures.
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