The House

The house is the setting of Entry 16, Addition, Entry 18, and Entry 23. Some speculate it was in the Return and that it could be Alex's house from 3 years prior. Some other believe it was Brian's.


Below are the videos that feature the house, split into two categories, the first for videos where it is confirmed to be the house and the second where it is merely speculative or non-conclusive.

Confirmed Videos

Entry #16

Main article for Entry 16.

Jay is tipped off that Brian may be found at the house. He enters through a sliding glass door around the back of the house after finding the front door locked. Upon entering he is greeted with the sight of over turned furniture and general mess. He makes his way down a hallway and upstairs where he finds drawings, medication and a shell casing. He becomes startled and quickly exits the house through the front door.

Addition Video

Main entry for the Addition video.

totheark's response to Entry 16 shows Jay on the hallway floor during his coughing fit in Entry 16, and uses slowed down audio of Jay calling out "Alex? Brian?" on entering the house. Totheark was in the house with Jay during Entry 16.

Entry #18

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Jay decides to return to the house from Entry 16. Upon attempting to enter the front door that he had previously left open and unlocked he moves around to the back entrance. The sliding door is off it's hinges. He makes his way down the same hallway as Entry #16 and finds a naked muslin doll on the floor by the front door. After hearing a sound he turns to see a masked figure sitting on the couch behind him, in front of the sliding glass door. The man charges Jay and tackles him in the hallway after a brief scuffle the masked assailant begins to seize. Jay tries to unmask his now incapacitated attacker but is pushed backwards from him and stumbles down the hallway into the main room he entered from. At this point Jay flees and turns off the camera. He awakes in his car the next morning in the woods with no memory of what happened after leaving the house.

Entry #23

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Jay feels he has no choice but to return to the house to look for answers. Jay enters during the day, but it seems that darkness comes very quickly. He encounters the masked man, who runs away into a room and shuts the door behind him. Jay attempts to follow the masked man, but the room is empty. A white board with the Operator symbol on it is hanging on a wall. He walks through a door and strangely ends up on the other side of the hallway. He eventually enters the closet and seems to be transported to the dilapidated building from Entry #22, where he encounters The Operator.

Speculative Videos

Return Video

Main article for the Return video.

In this video response to Entry 19 from totheark Jay is seen in a comatose state on the floor leaning against a door. The video cuts to a long shot with Jay in the same location, from around a corner Slender Man appears and approaches the camera before cutting to black.

Reasons For

  • The door Jay is leaning against appears to have a dead bolt indicating it is an exterior door. When the hallway is compared to the hall from 16 and 18 it shares similar features.

Reasons Against

  • The lights are on in this video while they seemed to be inoperable in entries 16 and 18.

Entry #11

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One of the Alex era tapes. It features Alex waking from bed and exploring the first floor of his house, looking out of wndows and doors before returning to bed only to have a shadow move across him after he returns to sleep.

Reasons For

The house from Entry 16 and Entry 18 and this house share the following aspects. (Left and right based off looking down stairs towards first floor)

  • The kitchen area of the house is located to the right of the stairs and has an extended breakfast nook at the front end.
  • Both kitchens have square tile flooring.
  • A wooden floor hallway leading from the front door down to a large back living/dining room.
  • A large sliding glass door leading out back of the house with long vertical blinds.
  • A red metal shelving unit to the right of the stairs.
  • Alex's bedroom, with his drawings is located in the same location as the bedroom from 16/18 that Jay found drawings in.
  • The width and carpeting on the stairs are the same as the house Jay enters

Reasons Against

  • The shelving unit in 11 has more shelves than the one in entry 16.
  • The darkness in 16/18 makes it hard to get proper id's on anything not directly focused on.
  • Houses can be built with identical layouts.
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