The Entries

The Entries are the videos uploaded by Jay onto his YouTube account. They are always titled numerically, being "Entry" + number for the title of each, with some exceptions.1

They began being footage from the tapes Alex had given Jay about his student film, Marble Hornets. In Introduction, the former states that he will upload anything he finds to keep it as a "permanent record". The footage shows how Alex was being stalked by The Operator, and later on the Entries also shows Jay's videos, as he is investigating Alex's whereabouts.

In Released Order

Warning: Spoilers in short descriptions of the videos.

The introduction is Jay's video in which he introduces, with text, the events surrounding the tapes which he is looking over and uploading. He introduces Alex Kralie and mentions that he has never seen Alex since taking custody of the tapes.

Entry 1
The audio from this entry has been removed for unknown reasons. It shows Alex sneaking around his house at night, looking out and spotting a figure now known as The Operator.

Entry 2
Alex is driving out to the street, trying to find the lamp post where he saw a figure previously—almost certainly The Operator.

Entry 3
A medley of clips, this entry is about Alex filming himself and acting strangely.

Entry 4
Another clip with no sound, this entry follows Alex as he moves through a playground at night, seeking out or fleeing from The Operator.

Entry 5
Jay is filming Alex as Alex does some location scouting for Marble Hornets. It has been uploaded due to a curious audio distortion that seems to relate to a visual tear seen in this Entry and many of those previous.

Entry 6
Believed to be an extension of Entry 1, Alex continues to look out the windows in this soundless clip, searching for and spotting The Operator.

Entry 7
A raw clip from Marble Hornets; Alex is filming his friend Brian before he spots The Operator in the background alley and freaks.

Entry 8
Ever filming himself, Alex is drawing strange things in an equally strange manner.

Entry 9
Another raw clip from Marble Hornets, this clip portrays Alex as acting differently than he usually acts.

Entry 10
This time Alex is outside at night, running through the underbrush for his life. The Operator appears twice in this Entry.

Entry 11
Awoken (perhaps) by something, Alex takes the camera and investigates outside. However when he lays back down, the camera catches something his eyes did not…

Entry 12
During a shoot for Marble Hornets, severe visual distortions strike the tape and minor audio distortions accompany it. However, the true anomaly is when the camera pans over and a stranger is standing in the distance. The Entry cuts out just as Alex approaches the man to address him…

Entry 13
Alex and Jay are out in the forest, possibly doing location scouting. Alex sends Jay back to the car to get something as he explores, making his way to a dilapidated building with a massive Operator symbol drawn on the pavement, yet Alex continues to explore…

Entry 14
In full view of the camera, The Operator enters Alex's room. His mysterious visit leaves Alex covered in blood.

Entry 15
Jay films an interview with Tim, one of the Marble Hornets actors.

Entry 16
Jay infiltrates the house where he was told he could find Brian and looks for him, though the house shows signs of desertion between a mess of mad drawings to a failed power grid.

Entry 17
From the set of Marble Hornets, Tim is acting a scene with Alex and Jay's assistance. Jay is acting strangely, The Operator is outside the window, the video is corrupted, and Jay has no recollection of the event at all.

Entry 18
Jay returns to the house from Entry 16, and after finding a doll resembling The Operator, he is assaulted by a masked figure. He attempts to escape but the camera cuts out. Jay remembers nothing after that until he woke up in his car the next morning parked on the side of the road.

Entry 19
Jay admits he's been filming himself for about a month. This is some of that film, showing the Masked Man from Entry 18 — whom Jay suspects is totheark — breaking into Jay's room while he's sleeping. There is a cut in the film, and Jay disappears from the room. Jay says the film then shows him missing from the room for three hours, but he doesn't know where he was in that time.

Entry 19.5
Jay looks through the items he got from the house in Entry 16.

Entry 20
Footage from the filming of Marble Hornets, Alex and Jay are sharing a revised version of the script with Tim, who is acting strangely and coughing violently.

Entry 21
Jay visits the red tower from Entry 5. It is the video that accompanies the Winter Solstice Twitter Watch.

Entry 22
Entry 22 is the entire contents of the tape that Jay found at the red tower in Entry 21. It appears to be the final tape made by Alex, in which he and Seth investigate a curious dilapidated house. At the end, Alex admits that he remembers nothing except what he has filmed, and after stating that everyone is "gone", he vows to burn his tapes.

Entry 23
Jay returns to the house from Entry 16 and Entry 18, but this time during the day. Strangeness ensues.

Entry 24
Jay's self-surveillance reveals that some doors do not always lead to the same place…

Entry ######
Totheark sends a message in an unusual way.

Entry 25
Jay watches a news report showing the results of a fire in his apartment. The Operator can be seen in at least one shot of the fire.

Entry 26
Jay posts his "final" entry, in which he shows the tape sent by Alex and promises to find him.

Entry 27
Jay finally returns.

Entry 28
Jay searches his bag, looking for a clue to the past 7 months. He also tries to access his safe without success, and meets his neighbor in the hotel, Jessica.

Entry 29
Someone encounters The Operator in a tunnel.

Entry 30
Jessica appears to cause minor distortion on Jay's camera in the hotel hallway. Jay wakes up to hear strange noises coming from Jessica's room.

Entry 31
Jay investigates a local park for the location of Entry 29. Jessica confronts Jay about his reasons for being at the hotel.

Entry 32
Jessica tells Jay what she's been going through. Jay promises to tell Jessica everything, and plans to leave the hotel with her.

Entry 33
Jay is unable to find Jessica, but finds a paper in her room that opens the safe in his room. After gathering up the tapes inside the safe, Jay narrowly escapes from the Masked Man.

Entry 34
Jay begins reviewing the tapes that he took from his hotel room's safe. On this tape, Jay watches a clip of himself exploring an abandoned building during his missing 7 months.

Entry 35
Jay goes back to the abandoned building from Entry 34, where he and Alex encounter The Masked Man, who attacks Alex with a knife. Alex and Jay subdue The Masked Man and remove his mask, revealing Tim underneath. Alex attacks Tim with a rock, but then the footage suddenly ends, cutting to Jay driving somewhere.

Entry 36
In a portion of video immediately after Entry #35, Jay and Alex discuss the events of the previous entry, the package that Alex sent to Jay (from Entry #26), and their future plans.

enttry 37
An excerpt from Alex Kralie's family video from his birthday party in 1991, showing young Alex's face being marked with an Operator symbol and an appearance of The Operator as he blows out the candles of his cake.

Entry 38
Jay is following Alex Kralie through the woods, near sunset. During the hike, Alex tells Jay the history of this place as he leads him deeper into the forest.

Entry 39
Jay receives a call from Alex Kralie telling Jay to meet him at Rosswood Park, but Alex refuses to tell Jay anything more. Jay then spends the night in a parking lot in his car, and someone looks in at him while he is sleeping.

Entry 40
Jay waits for Alex at Rosswood Park. He walks around in the woods for a bit, and comes upon a strange clearing. While investigating an old overgrown chimney, he encounters The Operator and flees, leaving his camera behind.

Entry 41
The camera dropped at the end of Entry 40 is retrieved, brought back to Jay's car, and left there facing outwards. A figure in a tan hoodie and a black cloth facemask is seen walking away in front of the car, assumedly just having left the camera there.

Entry 42
First footage that Jay has shown from the external harddrive he found in the hotel safe. This chest camera footage shows Alex arriving at Rosswood Park looking for Jay, who reveals that he has seen The Operator and left his camera behind. After reluctantly agreeing to help Alex find Amy, Jay finds the camera, which he abandoned in the woods, in his car. Jay and Alex leave in their cars.

Entry 43
At first, Jay and Alex attempt to see who now resides in the house that Alex and Amy escaped from when the Operator appeared in the hallway while Amy was filming in Entry 26. then a clip of Alex sitting around with a camera, followed by Alex(Using the chest cam.) Wanders in the woods and comes within feet of The Operator, bringing him to his hands and knees in a coughing fit, and ending with him slowly approaching the Operator in a nearly trance-like state.

Entry 44
Alex being approached by the Operator, who appears to kidnap, or warp away, or otherwise remove Alex from his bed.

Entry 45
Alex filming himself, then opening the door and investigating something at eventually turns out to be two veiled figures: the masked man and the presumed totheark who attack him, and eventually run away, leaving Alex furious and confused.

Entry 46
Jay sneaks into Alex's house. Jay is discovered by Alex and then flees when the Operator appears. He grabs a key on his way out.

Entry 47
Alex is angry with Jay for not helping him and for breaking into his house. Jay and Alex get in an argument outside Jay's car and they decide to no longer help each other. Before leaving, Jay gets Jessica's phone number from Alex. Later, Jay calls Jessica and discovers that Alex told Jessica that he got in contact with Amy.

Entry 48
Jay has been stalking Alex for weeks and notices that Alex visits the forest in Rosswood park regularly. He decides to follow Alex in and finds Alex at a tunnel. Jay runs when he thinks Alex notices him.

Entry 49
Alex walks to the tunnel in Rosswood Park. He sits down for fifteen minutes until a passerby asks him if he is okay. Alex shouts, "I told you not to follow me!" and attacks the man. After strangling the man, Alex smashes the man's head with a rock. Later, the Operator appears and then vanishes along with the body.

Entry 50
Jay meets Alex meet at Rosswood Park. Jay follows Alex into the forest, leading up to the events of Entry 38. The footage then continues after the end of Entry 38 when Alex agrees to leave the forest because it is getting dark. Alex tells Jay to bring Jessica next time. As Jay is walking out of the forest, he spots the Masked Man. Jay chases the man to the tunnel but the man disappears. Later, Jay uses the key he took from Alex's apartment to get into Alex's apartment and steal the tape he failed to take in Entry 46.

Entry 51
Alex and Brian are doing filming for Marble Hornets by railroad tracks in a forest. They then move to an abandoned building and Alex films more footage of Brian. The Operator appears and the footage distorts. The footage restarts with the camera on the ground. Brian picks up the camera and searches the building and calling for Alex, who is nowhere to be seen. Brian discovers Tim coughing uncontrollably in the corner of a room. The Operator appears in the doorway and the footage freezes again. The camera is once again on the ground and a body is seen being dragged out the door of the room. Someone then picks up the camera and leaves the building.

Entry 52
Alex leads Jay and Jessica to a house in the woods, where he tells them he has something to show them. He then proceeds to pull a gun on them, but the masked man jumps out and attacks him. Jay and Jessica run away, and a gunshot can be heard. They find a hotel to stay at, but while they're settling in Jay hears a scream from Jessica's room. He tries to get in, but to no avail. He turns and sees the Operator standing in his room. The camera flies towards it, and then the clip cuts out. There are other shots of Jay on the ground and from the chest camera after this, and various shots from a car. The finale shot that is shown is of Tim, walking down the street and acting normal.

Entry 53
Jay had to wait several weeks for the store he saw Tim walking out of to reopen. He talks to an employee who tells him that she remembered Tim mentioning something about going to a clinic. Jay spends several days waiting at the entrance of a nearby clinic until he finally sees Tim. Tim does not seem to remember Jay at all, and he makes no references to the Masked Man. Jay asks Tim if they can talk later, claiming that he wants to talk to Tim about finishing Marble Hornets. Later, Jay is walking across a wooden bridge when he receives a call from Tim. Tim tells Jay that he still has tapes of behind the scenes footage that he filmed with Alex during the original filming of Marble Hornets. He says he will give the tapes to Jay.

Entry 54
Tim gets back to Jay and gives him an unknown number of tapes, visually similair to the type used for recording Marble Hornets. Tim informs Jay that he is happy to help as much as he can, but his job comes first. The footage on the first tape Jay views follows, what appears to be a jam session for the Marble Hornets trailer background music.

Entry 55
Tim, Alex and Brian film transition scenes, and Alex voices concerns about finding a abandoned school that they can film Marble Hornets in. Tim mentions that there is a abandoned hospital near his home town that may be passable as a school, and the three make plans to travel over the weekend. Tim's Abandoned Hospital may be the one seen in Entry 51. Tim also gets a call about his doctor's appointment. He mentions paranoia and sleep deprevation.

Entry 56
Tim and Alex go location scouting at an abandoned building which Tim describes in Entry 55.

Entry 57
Tim is running through the abandoned building, possibly trying to escape from Alex.

Entry 58
Tim and Jay encounter the hooded man.

Entry 59
Tim reveals to Jay that he found the Entries after the events of Entry 58. He tells Jay that he has forgotten everything that happened and blames Jay for bringing it back. He tells Jay that he won't help him anymore.

Entry 60
Jay returns to the abandoned hospital and finds a surprise left for him by the Hooded Man.

Entry 60.5
Jay reveals the information found on the documents left to him by the Hooded Man.

Entry 61
Jay receives a tape showing the Hooded Man breaking into Tim's house and stealing his seizure medication, which causes Tim to have an attack before he wanders off in a daze. The tape indicates the Hooded Man believes it's Jay fault that this happened to Tim, and the text at the end of the video informs Jay that this is his only chance to find him.

Entry 62
Jay follows Tim into Rosswood Park, where he discovers the masked man instead; masky runs at him, and Jay hides within the woods. Masky eventually finds him, attacks him, and as Jay drops the camera, he is seen being dragged offscreen. The Hooded Man then picks up the camera. It cuts to an unconcious Jay the next morning, who wakes up in a shack - he picks up the camera to find Tim in a similar disorientated state outside. Tim asks about the state of it, and Jay responds that the batteries are about to give out - the entry ends there.

Entry 63
We see how Jay and Tim part ways after their encounter with Hoody in Rosswood Park, with Tim walking home. Then we are told that time passed and Tim finally called Jay back and asked to meet. We see the meeting, in the dark under a streetlight. They are talking again, but clearly there is a lot of tension between the men. Jay wants to find Jessica, but Tim doesn't want to do that as TO is more of a priority for him. He asks Jay to go with him back to Rosswood, the only lead he feels they have. At first Jay refuses, but gives in when Tim promises to help find Jessica after that's done. They plan to go together to the park in less than a week.

Entry 64
Jay and Tim return to the park and are attacked by the The Operator in the tunnel.

Entry 65
We see Tim's footage of the events following Entry 64

Entry 66
Jay and Tim return to the abandoned building. Tim explains his connection to the hospital.

Entry 67
The footage from the tape left in the abandoned hospital shows a person filming who follows Alex and ties him up. Tim attacks Alex and the person filming, most likely Hoody, then takes a gun from his pocket. Before the footage goes blank, something else arrives at the abandoned hospital.

Entry 67.5
Tim and Jay leave the motel Jay was staying at in separate cars. Jay says they won't give up.

Entry 68
Hoody is filming himself in his hideout before being confronted by Alex.

Entry 69
Jay and Tim return to the red tower and find the Burned Tapes.

Entry 70
Footage from one of the burned tapes. Alex is driving and is called by Amy.

Entry 71
Footage from another burned tape. Alex gives the Marble Hornets tapes to Jay and promptly attacks him. Jay remarks that he does not remember this happening.

Entry 72
Jay and Tim explore Alex's old house and are confronted by the Operator.

entry 73
The Hooded Man goes through his wrecked hideout for pills. Having found it to be his last pill, he goes to a unknown house in search of their supply. After he finds them he is forced to leave when a unknown person comes down from the attic.

Entry 74
Jay and Tim are at some hotel somewhere, where Tim explains to Jay what happened since he'd been out of it after the events of Entry 72 , including that entry 73 was uploaded to the channel sometime after and that Tim had been sharing his pills. Jay and Tim decide to head back to Tim's house.

Entry 75
Jay visits the doctor and then he and Tim go back to Tim's house. Jay realizes Tim picked up the missing tape and was hiding it from him leading to an altercation.

Entry 76
The footage from the tape found in Entry #75. It reveals the fate of Jessica after the events of Entry #32 by showing her being taken to Rosswood at night by both Tim in his Masky state and Hoody, leading to her abduction at the "hands" of The Operator. Tim awakes next to her a few seconds later in his regular, "non-Masky" state, looking confused/worried.

Entry 77
Jay confronts Tim about the tape from Entry 76 by trying to tie him up, however Tim gets the better of him and proceeds to take the camera and leave.

Entry 78
The Hooded Man brings a video camera back to Jay who's still tied up in Tim's house. He also tosses him a knife to cut himself free, then leaves without saying anything.

Entry 79
Jay arrives at 79 Creek Street which is an old college and encounters the Hooded Man. He then secretly follows Tim who arrives later into Benedict hall. Jay finds a wall covered in photos and handprints with a note stating: Find Alex, Find the Ark.

Entry 80
Jay, while watching Benedict hall waiting for someone to return, sees Tim run out frantically. He then runs in to Benedict hall and encounters Alex Kralie and the The Operator. After the encounter, the camera operator is now Tim and he chases after the Hooded Man.

Entry 81
Tim shows the events of what happens before Entry 79. He finds a entrance from the back of Benedict Hall and investigates under the building.

Entry 82
Tim shows footage he found on Jay's laptop. It shows him being apologetic and leaving a message on his answering machine before encountering The Operator.

Entry 83
Tim chases the Hooded Man through the collage building while they get teleported through the hospital, tunnel, Tim's house, and other operator infested places.

Entry 84
Tim shows the contents of the tape he obtained in Entry 83. The tape contains footage of the auditions that took place for Marble Hornets. It is also shown that Tim's chest camera no longer functions.

Entry 85
Tim waits for Alex to show up, he decides to wait outside his home in his car with his eyes on his house. Later that night, Alex shows up.

Entry 86
The final confrontation between Tim and Alex takes place in Benedict hall. The true motives of Alex are revealed.

Entry 87
Tim visits Jessica and tells her that he'll be leaving soon.

A Tentative Chronology

This is an attempt to place the entries in a coherent order, so that the timeline of events can be better understood. This listing is not definitive, and is subject to change. The justification for each entry's placement is variable; some entries definitely took place before others, while some entries could have taken place almost anytime. Another good reference for Tentative Chronology would be Aidensean's Infographics

  1. enttry 37
  2. Entry 84
  3. Entry 5
  4. Entry 12
  5. Entry 20
  6. Entry 17
  7. Entry 54
  8. Entry 55
  9. Entry 2
  10. Entry 70
  11. Entry 4
  12. Entry 13
  13. Entry 3
  14. Entry 7
  15. Entry 9
  16. Entry 8
  17. Entry 1
  18. Entry 6
  19. Entry 10
  20. Entry 11
  21. Entry 14
  22. Entry 56
  23. Entry 57
  24. Entry 51
  25. Entry 22
  26. Entry 71
  27. Entry 15
  28. Entry 16
  29. Entry 18
  30. Entry 19
  31. Entry 19.5
  32. Entry 21
  33. Entry 23
  34. Entry 24
  35. Entry 25
  36. Entry 26
  37. Entry 34
  38. Entry 35
  39. Entry 36
  40. Entry 39
  41. Entry 40
  42. Entry 41
  43. Entry 42
  44. Entry 43
  45. Entry 44
  46. Entry 45
  47. Entry 46
  48. Entry 47
  49. Entry 48
  50. Entry 49
  51. Entry 38
  52. Entry 50
  53. Entry 29
  54. Entry 52
  55. Entry 27
  56. Entry 28
  57. Entry 30
  58. Entry 31
  59. Entry 32
  60. Entry 76
  61. Entry 33
  62. Entry 53
  63. Entry 58
  64. Entry 59
  65. Entry 60
  66. Entry 60.5
  67. Entry 61
  68. Entry 62
  69. Entry 63
  70. Entry 64
  71. Entry 65
  72. Entry 67
  73. Entry 66
  74. Entry 67.5
  75. Entry 68
  76. Entry 69
  77. Entry 72
  78. entry 73
  79. Entry 74
  80. Entry 75
  81. Entry 82
  82. Entry 77
  83. Entry 78
  84. Entry 81
  85. Entry 79
  86. Entry 80
  87. Entry 83
  88. Entry 84
  89. Entry 85
  90. Entry 86
  91. Entry 87

Suggested Viewing Order

For those who are new to the Marble Hornets investigation, here is a list of all of the Marble Hornets-related videos, so that they can be seen in the order that they were originally presented (and presumably intended). It is sometimes difficult to figure out what order to watch them all because of totheark's participation, so this is here to address that.

  1. Introduction
  2. Entry 1
  3. Entry 2
  4. Entry 3
  5. Entry 4
  6. Entry 5
  7. Entry 6
  8. Entry 7
  9. Entry 8
  10. Entry 9
  11. regards
  12. Entry 10
  13. Operator (video)
  14. Entry 11
  15. Deluge
  16. Entry 12
  17. Impurity
  18. Entry 13
  19. Exit
  20. Entry 14
  21. Program
  22. Entry 15
  23. Advocate
  24. Entry 16
  25. Addition
  26. Entry 17
  27. Signal
  28. Entry 18
  29. Messages
  30. Entry 19
  31. Return
  32. Entry 19.5
  33. Entry 20
  34. Version
  35. Entry 21
  36. Entry 22
  37. Attention
  38. Admission
  39. Entry 23
  40. Warning
  41. Entry 24
  42. Entry ######
  43. Entry 25
  44. Entry 26
  45. Entry 27
  46. Entry 28
  47. Entry 29
  48. Entry 30
  49. Entry 31
  50. Entry 32
  51. Entry 33
  52. Entry 34
  53. Fragments
  54. Entry 35
  55. Broadcast
  56. Entry 36
  57. Sidetone
  58. enttry 37
  59. Entry 38
  60. Entry 39
  61. Forecast
  62. Entry 40
  63. Intermission
  64. Entry 41
  65. Indicator
  66. Entry 42
  67. Memories
  68. Entry 43
  69. inquiry
  70. Entry 44
  71. Entry 45
  72. Entry 46
  73. Classified
  74. Entry 47
  75. Entry 48
  76. Sidenote
  77. Entry 49
  78. Extraction
  79. Entry 50
  80. Entry 51
  81. Entry 52
  82. Entry 53
  83. Reminder
  84. Entry 54
  85. Decay
  86. Entry 55
  87. Entry 56
  88. Entry 57
  89. Session
  90. Entry 58
  91. Entry 59
  92. Reference
  93. Entry 60
  94. Entry 60.5
  95. observation
  96. Entry 61
  97. Entry 62
  98. Isolation
  99. Entry 63
  100. Entry 64
  101. Display
  102. Entry 65
  103. Surveillance
  104. Entry 66
  105. Entry 67
  106. Entry 67.5
  107. Entry 68
  108. Decline
  109. Entry 69
  110. Entry 70
  111. Entry 71
  112. Entry 72
  113. entry 73
  114. Entry 74
  115. Conversion
  116. Entry 75
  117. Entry 76
  118. File
  119. Entry 77
  120. Entry 78
  121. Entry 79
  122. Quadrant
  123. Entry 80
  124. Entry 81
  125. Entry 82
  126. Null
  127. Entry 83
  128. Entry 84
  129. Entry 85
  130. Entry 86
  131. Entry 87
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