Surveillance on unfiction
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Surveillance was posted on Dec 30, 2012.
It has the description:


In total, this clip is 0:51 seconds long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The description spells out "noeunitnoc", or "continue on" backwards.
  • At 00:12 the TV is showing Entry #3.
  • The image of Jessica in this video comes from Entry #32.
  • In a tweet on @MarbleHornets, TTA (assumedly) posted the code 9513390313793583953179. This code is assumed to be related to the ciphers in the video.
  • The codes at the end of the video decode to "truly your fault" and "shes out there". The tweet decodes to "I am watching". The solution can be found on the unFiction thread and was confirmed by Jay in a tweet.

Further Speculation

With the reapperance of Hoody throughout the entire video, and the word PERMANENCE appearing on the television at 00:32, could this be Hoody telling us that he has always been there from Entry 3 or even before then, even if he was not shown. This may also support the theory that totheark is a group of people, and there is more to the group. This would also support how Masky and Hoody both have access to the YouTube account. And finally, with the "SEES NOW" on the two televisions, would this mean that Tim sees how totheark would like to portray Jay, if it was totheark who gave Jay the medical records in Entry 60.5, or totheark saying that they see a future event about to happen. ~ Me168

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