Slender Doll

The Slender Doll was first found in The House in Entry #18. It has been theorized to either beckon or keep away The Operator or to cause teleportation.


Below are the videos that feature the the Slender Doll.

Entry #18

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In this entry, Jay returns to the house from Entry #16 as encouraged by the Signal Video. While he explores the abandoned house, he finds a long white doll, and is attacked by the Masked Man.

Entry #23

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Jay returns to the house again and finds the white doll in various places as he begins to be teleported by going through doors. Eventually a door takes him to the
building from Entry #22. Jay encounters the Operator and his camera breaks. He explains that he does not want to know the answers anymore.

Entry #60

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Jay returns to the abandoned hospital alone. While exploring the maintenance tunnel the Hooded Man led him to in Entry #58, Jay finds a folder containing some of Tim's old medical records near a "slendy doll". Jay then encounters the Operator in the tunnel and quickly leaves, taking the doll and the records with him.

Entry #60.5

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Jay examines medical-documents, a picture in the folder, and the doll. He says that there isn't anything special about the doll.

Speculation & Analysis

Regarding Entry #18:

  • Considering its length and shape, the long white doll could possibly be connected to The Operator, or simply a doll someone has made of The Operator. ~ kungfulemon

Regarding Entry #23:

  • There is a running line of speculation that in this video, J warps over and over, traveling through space instantaneously and possibly even through time. ~ Dav Flamerock
  • Another running line of speculation is simply that he cannot remember anything and his camera continually malfunctions due to his presence in the distortion house. ~ Dav Flamerock
  • The time seems to pass very rapidly in the video, for it gets dark rapidly. ~ Dav Flamerock
  • It's possible that before he ended up in the industrial building he wasn't actually traveling through space or time, but merely going around in the same circle over and over again until it got dark because he couldn't remember that he'd just done it, like a computer on a loop. ~ Orthrus.
  • Also, at 6:25 ish, is there an Operator Doll? Can I have this sightings confirmed? ~ og1764

Regarding Entry #60:

  • The "Slender-Doll" could be a ward against The Operator, or (considering what happened following its discovery) a way for The Operator to track people with ease. ~Dr SuperGreg
  • I'm guessing it's just totheark's way of telling Jay, "Hey, Operator-related stuff going on here, better pay attention." ~Filby
  • Does it seem somewhat strange to anybody else that apparently Hoody put Tim's files there, when there was already the slendy doll, or, if it wasn't there, that he would put a slendy doll right next to them if he was TTA? As SuperGreg put it, if it was a ward, then it either failed or WASN'T a ward, seeing as how the Operator still showed up. If it was some form of "tracking", then why would Hoody put the files there or the doll with the files if he's TTA? Also, there appears to be some sort of "eyes" on the slendy doll. Could this actually be a way for him to see, similar to the theorized camera eyes? My two thoughts here would be that either TTA is trying to get rid of Jay, because he has outlived his usefulness now that he has pretty much lost all ties, or that Alex may actually be impersonating Hoody, trying to draw Jay to the Operator to dispose of him. Jay himself said he doesn't know how he got out of there alive. It would be much easier to impersonate Hoody than to impersonate Tim as Masky. It just seems as if a cog is being thrown into the puzzle/theory of Hoody being a part of TTA. If he is TTA (Reference seems to, well, reference findings in Entry 60), then we have to wonder how come he put the files in a place so hard for Jay to reach and so easy for him to be trapped/hunted in… Everything seems fishy right now ~Jcal94
  • The doll is neither a ward nor does it attract The Operator. In the two instances of using the doll it has been an indicator. First an indicator that danger was close, as Masky was in the house with Jay and in the second instance it indicated the room that Jay would have to enter to stop the house teleporting him around. In this entry ToTheArk is using the doll for exactly the same purpose, to indicate danger, that The Operator or slender-minions are around. Unfortunately Jay hasn't realised just yet. ~Jimi06
  • A few interesting things I noted while watching this video. The Operator Symbols seen in 58 have been crossed out with red. Also, the doll is all wrong. The legs are stretched, but not the arms. Perhaps thiswas TTA's way of mocking The Operator if it or Alex found the documents. I am assuming that the person walking around was Alex. As for the Operator, doesnt it seem odd that it's suddenly reapeared after all of these months? It was last seen, chronologically, in Entry 52.
  • I think a more important question is why Slendy didn't stupefy and mind wipe Jay in the tunnel like he has before? He was certainly close enough. Maybe the doll protects against Slendy's powers. The SIR.
  • I get the idea that the doll is a "tell me where he touched you" doll. His medical records have the word "LIAR" on the cover. The forest was known to be a place where people were strung up and stretched for their crimes and one of the them was molestation. Perhaps he lied about being molested and The Operator was the victim of being wrongly sentenced and is trying to get at him. This is why The Operator is so tall and stretched out in this particular story. Even though many theories seem to go to the normal idea of the thin man. - Anton Crowley
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