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Signal was uploaded on November 4, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 17.
Its description is "again".
It is tagged with "marble", "hornets", & "ark".
In total, this clip is 0:31 long.

Stock footage and audio from an old movie is played. The video has a strange red-blue effect on it and the audio is slightly distorted. The voice of a narrator speaks through the video, saying, "Just wait 'til we're alone together, and I will tell you something new, something cold, something sleepy, something obscene, a piece in the long bright curve of space. Banish them, refuse to speak. Leave them. Go upstairs to your room. I will be waiting for you. I will surround your bed. Close the windows, so that none will ever again be able to enter. I will be waiting for you."

Speculation & Analysis

This video uses external footage and audio from the 1966 short film "Silent Snow, Secret Snow" based on a story by Conrad Aiken.

Although the red and cyan shading in the video emulates 3-D movies created with anaglyph stereoscopy, viewers who watched this video with 3-D glasses reported no significant difference watching this with 3-D glasses. ~ Dav Flamerock

The text at the end could be totheark calling Alex to come back from where ever he is now and look for him, for what ever reason this may be. ~ Tom Gill

The footage here (which can be seen in this clip from Silent Snow, Secret Snow starting at about 4:38) is similar in style to the broadcast. ~ Zeta Kai

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