Seth was the camera man for the production of Marble Hornets. He was first named in Entry 5.

Apparences in the Series

Warning: Do not read the appearance description if you have not seen the entry yet.


Seth appears to be an easy going and submissive individual. When Alex is yelling at Seth in Entry 9 for turning off the camera for a little while to conserve film, Seth takes the abuse while the cast members defend him. He is later seen teaming up with Alex to investigate the bath house in Entry 22, which leads to his supposed demise.


Some have theorized that Seth is totheark. This is largely due to him being the camera man. This presumes he would have access to footage that Jay would not have gotten from Alex. Personally i belive that he could well be totheark or at least involved with the channel of some sort. He was involved with Marble Hornets, was the cameraman meaning he has the camera skills to pull off the effects used in tothearks videos. He is also pretty low profile. Except for Sarah he has been featured the least out fo the crew for Marble Hornets. He was betrayed by Alex which gives him the motive to do try and get revenge on Alex. ~StoneFly

Seth was one of the candidates that is speculated to be the Hooded Man before Entry 84 came out.

Seth is one of the least mentioned members in Marble Hornets.

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