Rosswood Park

Rosswood Park was first seen in the tapes from the missing seven months and was first mentioned in Entry #31. It became a prominent location. The location is spooky, and things tend to go wrong there.

Some of the places in it are the tunnel, the hospital, a shed, and a cabin.

Below are the videos that feature Rosswood Park.

Entry #29

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Jay finds a video hidden in his hard drive. A camera man with a chestcam runs through the forest, then approaches a tunnel to find a puddle of blood , a bloody rock and a bloody white shirt. The Operator is seen standing at the end of the tunnel.

Entry #31

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Jay investigates Rosswood Park to see if it could be the location of Entry #29. He was paranoid about another man on the trail, and returned to the hotel. He asked Jessica about Rosswood but she didn't remember it.

Entry #381

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Jay and Alex walk through the trails of Rosswood and Alex's describes its history. Criminals were stretched and burned on the trees.

Entry #39

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Jay receives a call from Alex in which he is told to meet him at Rosswood Park.

Entry #40

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Jay waits for Alex in Rosswood, then begins to wander. In a clearing with a chimney he is approached by The Operator. He runs away and drops the camera.


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This ToTheArk seems to reference both Rosswood and the hooded man.

Entry #41

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The camera dropped at the end of Entry 40 is retrieved, brought back to Jay's car, and left there facing outwards. The hooded man is seen walking away in front of the car, assumedly just having left the camera there.

Entry #42

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Alex finds Jay at Rosswood. Jay says that he saw the Operator and lost his camera. They agree to work together to find Amy.

Entry #48

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Jay notices that Alex visits the forest in Rosswood park regularly. He decides to follow Alex in and finds Alex at a tunnel. Jay runs when he thinks Alex notices him.

Entry #49

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Alex walks to the tunnel in Rosswood Park. He sits down for fifteen minutes until a passerby asks him if he is okay. Alex shouts, "I told you not to follow me!" and attacks the man. After strangling the man, Alex smashes the man's head with a rock. Later, the Operator appears and then vanishes along with the body.

Entry #50

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Jay meets Alex meet at Rosswood Park. Jay follows Alex into the forest, leading up to the events of Entry 38. The footage then continues after the end of Entry 38 when Alex agrees to leave the forest because it is getting dark. Alex tells Jay to bring Jessica next time. As Jay is walking out of the forest, he spots the Masked Man. Jay chases the man to the tunnel but the man disappears.

Entry #51

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Alex and Brian are doing filming for Marble Hornets by rail-road tracks. They then move to an abandoned building and Alex films more footage of Brian. The Operator appears and the footage distorts. The footage restarts with the camera on the ground. Brian picks up the camera and searches the building and calling for Alex, who is nowhere to be seen. Brian discovers Tim coughing uncontrollably in the corner of a room. The Operator appears in the doorway and the footage freezes again. The camera is once again on the ground and a body is seen being dragged out the door of the room. Someone then picks up the camera and leaves the building.

Entry #52

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Alex leads Jay and Jessica to a house in Rosswood, where he tells them he has something to show them. He then proceeds to pull a gun on them, but the masked man jumps out and attacks him. Jay and Jessica run away, and a gunshot can be heard.


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Decay includes footage of Alex in the tunnel after killing Bruce. It also includes footage of a forested area, though not neccessarily Rosswood.

Entry #56

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Alex and Tim walk into an abandoned hospital, while scouting for locations and examining possible film sites. Tim, at various intervals, has mild coughing fits. Alex does not like any of the locations given and is asking Tim to move all over the hospital. Tim then excuses himself for a moment, and accidentally leaves his camera pointed backwards. Tim walks behind a wall, and begins talking to Alex. Alex then picks up a stick and attacks Tim behind the wall, and Tim goes silent. The camera falls down, and The Operator is standing nearby. There is heavy distortion, then The Operator disappears. Alex walks in front of the camera, holding the stick, then he walks off camera. Tim is then heard coughing.

Entry #57

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Tim wakes up in the abandoned building and runs from Alex.

Entry #58

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Tim and Jay visit Rosswood. Tim wants to show Jay the hospital but Jay insists on looking at the abandoned building. He sees the hooded man and tries to follow him.

Entry #60

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Jay returns to the abandoned hospital alone. While exploring the maintenance tunnel the Hooded Man led him to in Entry 58, Jay finds a folder containing some of Tim's old medical records near a slender doll. Jay then encounters the Operator in the tunnel and quickly leaves, taking the doll and the records with him.

Entry #62

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Jay returns to Rosswood to find Tim and finds the masked man. He and Tim wake up in a sort of shed the next morning.

Entry #63

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Jay and Tim part ways after their encounter with Hoody in Rosswood Park, with Tim walking home. Then we are told that time passed and Tim finally called Jay back and asked to meet. Tim asks Jay to go with him back to Rosswood, the only lead he feels they have. At first Jay refuses, but gives in when Tim promises to help find Jessica after that's done. They plan to go together to the park in less than a week.

Entry #64

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Jay and Tim go to Rosswood and search through the warehouse where Alex tried to shoot Jay and Jessica. They continue to the tunnel, where Jay gets a phone call from Alex, stating: "Leave. Now." Quickly afterwards, The Operator appears at the end of the tunnel and debilitates Tim. Jay tries to drag him off, but to no avail. Jay runs away, and goes back to his car. Jay finds Tim there, in his car, but Tim ignores him and drives off.


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Display features the tunnel in Rosswood.

Entry #65

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Entry #65 chronicles Tim's point of view complementary to Entry #64. He runs through Rosswood and drives to the abandoned hospital, where he seems to be psychologically tortured by the Operator. He makes Jay agree to visit the hospital.

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