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Return was uploaded on December 2nd, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 19.
Its description is "91".
It is tagged with "marble", "hornets", and "ark".
In total, this clip is 0:11 long.

The video begins with a close up of Jay with very dark marks or circles under his eyes sitting on the floor in a hallway against a door. The look on his face is of a stupor or trance. The video then cuts to a long shot of the hallway with Jay in the same position as before at the bottom of the frame. To the right is an L bend in the hallway. At the 0:04 second mark what appears to be The Operator emerges from the hall and proceeds towards the camera. The video then cuts to black with the following text centered on screen:


This is followed by another frame, only viewable with a downloaded copy of the video


Main Theories and Observations

  • The Operator seems to ignore Jay and is seen turning away from the cameraman at the end.
  • The Operator seems to come out of a door which was previously locked.
    • If totheark is not in league with the Operator, perhaps he was showing Jay something about his actions or lair.

Speculation & Analysis

Could it be that totheark is immune to the Operator's power and is giving Jay a clue about resisting him? Perhaps totheark uses the medicine to stay awake or sleep with his eyes open, as Jay is seen doing here, and this provides a defense against the Operator. ~mytyde

  • It is not in totheark's interest to have Jay killed, nor does it seem that he wants Jay to be taken by the Operator. ~mytyde
  • It seems ambiguous what "Found you, forever" is referring to. It could be that the Operator has found Jay forever or totheark now knows where Jay lives or that Jay has found the Operator forever. Maybe there's a ritual involved in being filmed with the Operator. ~mytyde

Based off the description of "91" (19 backwards) and the shirt Jay is wearing indicates that this is footage of the missing 3 hours from Entry #19. Jay himself has confirmed this. ~ Dav Flamerock

The title may refer to the "Return" of The Operator to the videos as all prior sightings are from Alex's tapes. ~ Dav Flamerock

To me, it looks like J has face paint on or something, that isn't what he looked like *before* totheark did…. whatever he did.
~ Lifegospel

It might be possible the darkened shadows around J's symbolize a deeper connection with totheark because in the video in which we see the masked person thought to be totheark, the person's eyes are heavily darkened. In this video J is incapacitated, much like Alex was (this only fits if Alex is in fact totheark) ~ Theimmortalbison

I speculate that maybe The Operator is still chasing down Alex, which is why he makes no interaction with J. I am watching all these in order from introduction to current with the ToTheArk videos in-between, so I'm sorry if something is disproved otherwise in later videos. ~ GTLargo21

This being confirmed as part of the missing three hours, along with the dark circles under Jay's eyes and the fact in Entry #19.5 the pills taken from the house are missing, I believe that Jay is in this trance and has the circles under his eyes because he took the pills. -Onrefni

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