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Reminder was posted on March 15th, 2012.
It has the description "iknowyou".
In total, this clip is 0:29 long.

Main Theories and Observations

At 0:10, the face that shows up in Inquiry at 0:45 is on the right side of the screen for a split second. A screenshot can be found here.
Perhaps the first section of the video is heavilly distorted footage of leaves?

The part of the video where Jay is being watched has the same filter on it as Exit, where dark objects are slightly darker, such as the windows and trees. Exit also features Jay being watched.

Further Speculation

As Jay looks inside the shop, he is watched by an unknown person, possibly The Hooded man or Masky.

This video is solid proof that either Tim is not Totheark OR Totheark is a group of people, possibly the rest of the cast from Marble Hornets?

The face at 0:10 is probably Tim, just stating the obvious. Sideburns are quite tell-tale when we're speaking of Tim. Also, totheark wasn't walking when he was filming Jay, so the person you in the reflection, unless I'm seeing the wrong person, can't be totheark. - NoahVanderwood AKA Whisku.

The phrase "Do you remember me" could make sense coming from one of the characters who has not been seen for a while. Perhaps Seth or Sarah posted this video.

For those adhering to the to the belief that Totheark is Tim, the question, "Do you remember me?" could be asking if Jay remembers him as Masky, since Jay is playing dumb on the subject. The phrase, "I have not forgotten," could be Tim admitting he has no actual memory loss and is faking it, much like Jay is.

Theories on the "Slenderman Sickness" indicate that a sort of split personality is formed, making it entirely possible that totheark remembers while Tim doesn't. It could also be referring to any of the other persons suspected to have involvement in or collaboration with totheark, such as "Hoodie," or as seen above, Seth, Amy, or Jessica.

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