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Regards was uploaded by totheark on July 22, 2009 as a video response to Entry 9.
Its description is "////////".
It is tagged with "ark" "marble" "hornets".
In total, this clip is 0:10 long.

The video is made up of distorted audio that is impossible to understand. The video is made up a series of rectangles made of slashes that flash repeatedly, and later, the word "CLOSELY".

Main Theories and Observations

  • The flashing of the slashes translates in Morse code to the three letters G, K, and Q.
    • If the Q is kept at the beginning, the Morse itself can be rearranged into two Q-codes: QAQ or QJA.
      • QAQ stands for "Am I near prohibited/restricted/danger area?", and QJA means "Is my [a)tape b)mark and space] reversed?” Given TTA's frequent use of reversed audio, the latter could be relevant.
  • The number of slashes along the side of the squares translates into "LOK", by counting the corresponding number of letters into the alphabet. L is the 12th letter, 0 is the 15th and K is the 11th. Therefore, read in conjunction with "CLOSELY", the message of the video can be interpreted to mean "LOOK CLOSELY".
  • If the audio is reversed and sped up 4x, a ten-note song can be heard through the distortion.

Further Speculation

At first, it was believed that the flashing (which decodes with morse to say only GKQ) held no meaning and only the word CLOSELY meant something, when combined with the word LISTEN from the Operator Video (to say LISTEN CLOSELY). However, on August 8, Abraxas stopped by and pointed out that if the size of the squares was turned into letters, it wrote LOK—or LOOK—and therefore the message is to LOOK CLOSELY. That is the currently agreed version of the message. ~ Dav Flamerock

The description has 8 slashes in it, meaning that it could be the connected to Entry 8 or even the Letter H, Which Started "HEL" from the same video.

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