Operator (video)

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Operator was uploaded on July 31, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 10.
Its description is "\\\yes\\\".
It is tagged with "marble" "hornets".
In total, the video is 22 seconds long.

The audio is heavily distorted and appears to be from something outdoors, possibly Entry 4 or Entry 10. The video is a sequence of appearances of text. They appear and disappear on different parts of the screen, appearing in different groupings and in different (or similar) locations.

In Stillnesss will
of the

Main Observations and Theories

The entry the audio actually comes from is a point of contention, but is very much most likely from entry 10, due to the ambient noises from outside. J Agrees.

Speculation and Analysis

The capital letters in the text spell the word LISTEN. ~Natas

At 0:17, someone or something says Eric ~ Kiriyama
Or after doctoring, it sounds more like they are saying run ~Veya Orunitia

The audio almost definitely goes with the visuals of Entry 10. ~ Dav Flamerock

I don't understand the lakes in stillness bit, but "Take every life of the night" could imply that the Operator is more powerful in the dark. If this audio is from Entry 10, then it must be made by someone who had access to the tapes. This lends support to my theory that ToTheArk is a group conprised of them issing Marble Hornets Crew members. Any one of them would have had access to the tapes, but particularly Brian. The SIR.

The extra "S" in "Stillnesss" could be important?

[In response to last post] "I typed in the phase in the video, and got a tumblr page. It could be important, since I found the extra S was for Sigma, and sigma is the 6th letter, and he had 6 pages. The guy who created it hasn't posted in months, and he started in January of 2012, so connection is suspect, but unconfirmed.

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