Operator Symbol

The "Operator Symbol" is a circle with an "X" drawn through it: Ⓧ. It has not been revealed what it represents or what its function is except that it is somehow connected to The Operator.


Entry 8, as part of Alex's drawings.
Entry 11, as part of Alex's drawings hanging on the wall.
Entry 13, in which Alex comes across an Operator symbol drawn on the ground.
Entry 21, on the side of the Red Tower.
Entry 23, on a white board hanging from a wall in The House.
Entry ######, during the beginning of the video.
Entry 26, at the end of the tape next to the word "HELP".
Entry 33, taking the place of a zero in the safe combination.
enttry 37, when it flashes upon young Alex's face for a moment.
Entry 44, when Alex draws the symbol with the word "OPERATOR" underneath.
Entry 46, as part of Alex's drawings that Jay finds.
Entry 50, in drawings Jay finds in Alex's apartment. In one drawing two Operator symbols seem to represent eyes.
Entry 56, as graffiti on one of the walls in the hospital.
Entry 58, a few seconds before the hooded man appears.
Entry 60, on the cover of the folder containing Tim's medical documents, along with the word "Liar".
Entry 60.5, within the pages of Tim's medical documents.

Attention, as a part of footage from the Red Tower.
Warning, drawn once, and then several times as a repeating motif.
Forecast, at 0:11, a head with two x's drawn through its eyes flashes briefly.
Intermission, as graphic text.
Memories, as a grinning head with x's through it's eyes appears.
Inquiry, as a drawn symbol.
Reminder, when it is seen for a moment at 0:10.


  • It may represent the Operator's lack of a face.
  • It may represent the Operator's nonexistent eyes, as seen in Entry 50 and in Forecast.
  • The symbol summons The Operator to wherever it is drawn.
  • The symbol acts as a warning sign of the presence, whether past or future, of The Operator.
  • It may not have a specific function aside from being a sign that one is being influenced either directly or indirectly by the Operator, as a side effect of "Slender-sickness".

Disproved or Discredited Theories

  • "The symbol acts as a ward against The Operator, to keep him away." Entry 46 may discredit this theory, when The Operator appears in the hallway near Alex's drawings that largely include the Operator symbol.

Further Speculation

  • What if we aren't looking at the symbol quite right because of how it's previously been portrayed? Could it be that the four segments inside the symbol, made by the "X" crossing through, have any significance at all, even a slight amount? (More-so, is there really any plausible evidence that anyone can think of that suggests the four segments are significant?) -Barn Owl
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