Marble Hornets Radio Interview

Between August 2nd and August 8th 2010, 5 interview videos with Troy (Jay) and Joseph (Alex) were released.

The videos themselves have nothing to do with the story of Marble Hornets, but offer a bit more background on speculation.

23 questions are answered in detail between the five videos, as well as a bonus "Extra Stuff" section in the last video.

Part 1

The first video contains the first 9 questions:
1.Describe Marble Hornets in 5 words.
2. What's your favorite social networking site?
3. Were you honor students?
4. Do the fans ever creep you out?
5. What are your favorite horror…things?
6. Non-Horror?
7. Tell us about the Marble Hornets ending.
8. Where did the name "Marble Hornets" come from?
9. What classes do you play in Team Fortress 2?

Part 2

The second video presents questions 10 - 13:
10. Will there be an HD version of Marble Hornets?
11. Did any of the fan theories have an effect on the story?
12. What's part 2 looking like?
13. What is the operator's ideal date?

Part 3

This third part is comprised of questions 14-16:
14. Where do you get your ideas?
15. How was the filming process?
16. Did you plan on having "seasons"?

Part 4

Part four of the interview is of questions 17-20:
17. Will people get to see the outtakes?
18. How was The Operator done?
19. Any Marble Hornets Merch?
20. Are you into any of the sidestories?

Part 5 (final)

Part five, the last part, contains 3 questions, 21-23, as well as a bonus section with extra information from the creators of Marble Hornets:
21. Any tips for working on this kind of thing?
22. What got you started/ what are your influences?
23. Any clues for the totheark videos?
24. Any other stuff?

Note: I don't have much time on my hands to write more. However, anybody who wishes to write down the answers given for the questions (or anything else), feel free to do so. ~Zairuen (Isaac)

Analysis and helpful information

Although it seems like a silly questions, 13 (What is the Operator's ideal date?) contains some information that was perhaps not intended to be given. Joseph says that the Operator likes fire, which, aside from the burning of Jay's apartment, was by no means suspected. ~Zairuen (Isaac)

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