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Memories was posted on June 20th, 2011.
It has the description "NT Qz MjE =".
In total, this clip is 0:23 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Is the video referencing Jay, who posted the video or Alex who was wielding the camera? Perhaps Alex has been carrying on an unsuccessful campaign against the Operator. ~mytyde
  • The description is base64 for "54321" ~ nbdyxvi from the UnFiction Forum
  • The "eyes" at the end of the video look like they belong to a dog. You can kind of see an ear flicker on the left side, and the light sort of glints off a snout. Maybe Alex's dog Rocky? ~Jaemi
  • I find it strange that the drawing of the Operator has eyes and a mouth. I wonder if it's a direct contradiction, or if the symbol over it is backing up the theory that the circle represents the face, and the cross a lack of. -ResearcherTeague
  • I didn't see that drawing as the Operator. To me, I saw that it has a mouth like the Skully mask, so whoever that character is, that's who I thought had been "taken"—if it was one of the original cast, he would be more valuable than time to the people who knew him or her.~elford
  • The bench shown looks a lot like the one from Entry #1 on Alex's front porch. -potatoatak
  • It does seem like this is revolving around Alex's original surroundings, if the bench and Rocky theory are to be believed.

Further Speculation

  • I think the description may be the ending of a youtube video url, however I tried the thing forwards and backwards and it doesn't seem to work. Deivid
    • It's been proven above that the description is a base64 countdown.
  • The word "nothing" being placed under "you've done" may be a subtle hint to reinterpret the order of the words in the phrase to be "You've done so much… more than time has been taken." ~mytyde
  • I think the "eyes" at the end is a black and white video of hoody's mask, colors inverted. It turns to the side a bit, and it looks like something is coming down from the eye on the left, but I think it's the fabric. ~elford
  • Using the description (counting down) and going through the TTA videos, five videos from this one leads to the first TTA video in season 3. Reminder contains footage of Jay looking into the antique shop, and TTA is filming Jay. These are both contradictions of the description 'blind', as they are both looking, in ways. -ResearcherTeague
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