There are many places involved in Marble Hornets, Here are the main ones!
The locations are all in the state of Alabama1

  1. Rosswood Park
  2. Tunnel
  3. Abandoned House
  4. Abandoned Building
  5. The Hospital
  6. The Red Tower
  7. College Town
  8. Benedict Hall

Under construction.

Some other locations are found in the Helena and Pelham area of Central Alabama. The abandoned playground is shot in the Buck Creek Amphitheatre in Old Town Helena. The Red Tower is an old structure found in Oak Mountain State Park, and the gazebo is believed to be here as well. Some shots of trails and forests are also found in the state park. The silos are from a plant seen while driving past a neighborhood on the outskirts of Helena. Many shots are seen driving down Highway 31 in Pelham and Riverchase.

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