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Isolation was posted on September 15, 2012.
It has the description "alonealonealone".
In total, this clip is 0:46 minutes long.

Main Theories and Observations

Further Speculation

I kind of feel, that this was hoody, going YES, I'm totheark. I think that The Operator wasn't there, I think they used previous footage and added the Operator.
OK…the eye was sort of greenscreened in. The line "Follows All" probably refers to Slendy, but Hoody follows Jay and others pretty steadfastly as well.
I'm wondering what the disparity means between the lines like "FOLLOWS ALL" (which suggests NOT being alone, at least in a way) and his description "alonealonealone" which seems to be despairing of company. Maybe he was happy to have visitors at his place and misses Tim and Jay.
I still think that Entry #62 and the following tweet about Jay and Tim being fine were posted by Hoody who has hacked both accounts… (GnomonRose)
I think that the lines proceeding "Follows All" are talking about the Hooded Man (and probably, obviously are). - Smugleaf

The final frame of "WHERE IS HE" briefly changes to "WHERE ISSHE" before cutting to "WHERE" filling the screen. Could this be significant, or just an effect? I can link a screenshot, if needed. ~Niphanos

i am basing this thought on the assumption that hoodie is either solely totheark, or at least heading up the communications aspect of the group.

it seems that hoodie and masky have worked together before and that "alonealonealone" is a plea (along with recent events involving tim) for tim to let masky come back. jay was involved in the events at the shack also because while seemingly more clueless about how the operator works, he has made a LOT of headway in investigating the situation involving the operator and alex (and everything orbiting them).

"who is he?" seems to imply that totheark (hoodie?) doesn't know a much about the operator as we hoped and that he is only more experienced in being messed with by/defending against the operator.

"who are you?" could be a challenge to tim or (less likely) jay to step up and actually join in fighting against the operator.

"where is he?" totheark could be wanting to take the fight to the operator instead of waiting to be attacked again.

"meet again soon" almost feels like a plea again, begging tim/masky to join with hoodie again. ~steamtroll

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