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The Introduction was posted on June 20, 2009.
It has the description "0."
It is tagged "marble" and "hornets".

In total, the clip is 1:59 long.
It is, for all intents and purposes, Entry #0.

Footage of driving down a highway on the outskirts of a city is overlaid with text from Jay explaining the tapes he has received from Alex, and the conversation leading up to his acquisition of them.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jay began to watch the tapes years after the fact because he, as "Ce gars" on SomethingAwful, came across a thread on the forums about Slender Man. For some reason, it reminded him of the tapes again.

Further Speculation

The audio is a monotonous white noise, like the muffled sounds of a moving car. The footage in this Entry is of suburban/semi-rural America, presumably somewhere in the Midwest. The geography is mostly flat, with ample forestland, although there are some wooded hills in the distance. Other than a Shell gas station, none of the businesses can be identified. Likewise, the street signs cannot be used to identify the location of the shots. There are three separate clips shown in the entry, none of which seem to have much bearing on the developing story.

J claims that Alex gave him the tapes & moved away, & that he was too disturbed to watch them for three years. The cause of this disturbance is unknown, but is believed to be related to Alex's sudden shift in behavior.

J posted this on June 20th, 2009. He said that he was just starting to pour through the tapes. He apparently finished looking at the tapes around December 15th, 2009, when he posted Entry #20. So it seems that it took him about six whole months to review all of the recordings related to Marble Hornets, which is consistent with the sheer volume of footage that Alex supposedly recorded ("countless tapes").

~ Zeta Kai

The footage actually takes place in central Alabama, not the Midwest. —pursuit

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