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Intermission was posted on May 16th, 2011.
It has the description "YmV oaW5kIHRo ZSBjd XJ0YWlu".
In total, this clip is 0:32 long.

Sketches of trees are shown, including one with a strange figure lying against a tree. The sketches are followed by distorted black and white footage of a forest.

Main Theories and Observations

*At the beginning of the drawing, a stick figure bent over the ground might be representing Jay.
*Beginning at :09, there is an Operator symbol right up against a tree to the right of the frame. The Operator symbol is about head-height, across from the tree where the more obvious figure is sitting. ~mytyde
*Why does totheark feel the need to constantly remind Jay that he's watching him? He doesn't seem interested in harming Jay, for he's had many opportunities to do so. Perhaps there's some other significance to his voyeurism, such as trying to lead Jay on to something or protect him. ~mytyde

  • The description is base64 for "behind the curtain" ~ NickM
    • It could mean that something is happening to Jay that we can't see.
    • "The man behind the curtain" is usually the person controlling something behind the scenes (an allusion to the Wizard of Oz). Perhaps totheark is controlling things?
    • "behind the curtain" could also refer to a paranormal or otherworldly dimension. The first and most immediate example that comes to mind is the Black Lodge from David Lynch's "Twin Peaks". ~ SuriKatta
  • If you break the numbers up like this
    • 1/12/23/1/25/19 20/8/5/18/5
    • it says "always there" ~ Feiticera
  • The font used is the same style as many VHS camcorders, such as the font seen in enttry 37.

Further Speculation

The face in the sketch at 0:19 looks very similar to the masked figure in Entry 41, suggesting that it is actually totheark. ~ Zeta Kai

This video could be totheark saying that he was watching Jay while in Rosswood Park during Entry 40. This would make it even more likely that "hoody" from Entry 41 is totheark.

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