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Inquiry was posted on July 7th, 2011.
It has the description "maɪnəs sɛntrɔɪd".
In total, this clip is 1:01 long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The arrow pointing to the brain may be indicating the parietal lobe of the brain, which governs "sensory input, language, mathematics and spatial relations".
  • There are four faces in this video, each distorted. They each appear to be male.
    • They probably correspond to four of the characters in Marble Hornets.
      • IMAGE 1: This face is stretched and rotated. Its identity is indeterminate. The words "YOU ARE YOU" and the OPERATOR SYMBOL appear over this image.
      • IMAGE 2: This face is distorted only slightly, and is most likely Tim
      • IMAGE 3: This face is distorted some, and may be Alex.
      • IMAGE 4: This face is rotated and distorted. It may be Jay.
  • A spectrograph of the audio, complements of Feiticera, reveals the message "DO I HELP OR DO I KILL" in the audio of the last six or so seconds of the video.
  • The video's description, "maɪnəs sɛntrɔɪd", appears to be the phonetic transcription of the words "minus centroid" (complements of Milkdudds92.)
    • The "sɛntrɔɪd" part also looks a great deal like the word "pictures" flipped upside down and scrambled.
  • Some people see The Operator behind the zeros, at the ending of the video.
    • It looks more like a home video to me - I can see a small kid on one of those ride along plastic cars, or maybe a bike, but definitely something with wheels.
    • I cut out the zeroes and did my best to put the figures together and found out there were two parts, the first one, which is almost completely static, and the other, which seemed to shift around a bit more. Although it doesn't look terribly good, here is what I got. The left is the first shape seen, the right is the second. ~Niphanos

Further Speculation

at the beginning you will see very hazy letters which get more clear until at about 7 sec. in you can see the words "look at you"

The question in the spectrograph "DO I HELP OR DO I KILL" could be totheark wondering if he should help Jay in tracking down the operator, or whether he should kill him to get him "out of the way"

The description is a phonetic spelling of 'minus centroid'. A centroid is the absolute centre of any shape - the most basic example being where the points meet in an 'X'. In other words, the mean/average of all points of X.
Maybe 'minus centroid' means that the 'centre of all points' (the subject in the middle of all of this - the Operator perhaps?) has been removed; maybe it even alludes to their memories being removed, and that's what is making TTA question their identities now. ~ResearcherTeague

  • The whited-out head followed by the brain could symbolize a person being wiped of their memories, wiped of their "selves" as implied by the repetition of "Who are you?" "You are who you are."
  • The white head could go on to shed light on the nature of The Operator; particularly as agent of erasing or a walking blank person.
  • Inquiry further goes to prove The Operator can control people.

~ Red-Rock-Run
*The arrow seems to be pointing at the Wernicke's area, which spans the region between temporal and parietal lobes. It plays a key role in speech comprehension. Maybe he's insulting Jay's ability to understand him? -Kaylee2014

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