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Indicator was posted on June 2nd, 2011.
It has the description "blind".
In total, this clip is 0:26 long.

Main Theories and Observations

00010010 (backwards) = H
10100110 (backwards) = e
00110110 (backwards) = l
10010110 (backwards) = i
01100101 (forwards) = e
11001110 (backwards) = s
He lies. ~ MiwAuturu, from the UnFiction forum

The black markings around the eyes, mouth, and nose mirror the mask Tim wears as Masky. The significance is unknown as of yet, possibly, showing that Tim is dead in some capacity.


  • The baby may have his eyes and nose burned. This could be a reference to the history of the Operator, getting caught in a building fire or being burned alive against a tree. ~mytyde
  • The baby seems to have either seen the Operator or be the Operator. One of the shots shows the baby seemingly trapped behind wooden bars at 0:18, right after the words "you will never be free". The wooden boards are also sideways, reminiscent of totheark's style of using lots of slashes or backslashes. ~mytyde

Further Speculation

  • The repetitive manner in which the infant doll is looking down or crawling along the ground, paired with the line about there being 'signs everywhere' reminds me of those who believe they can see a quickly deteriorating 'TTA' in the mud in Entry 41. -GangrulousTheArmada
  • Maybe the 0 OPER in the eye along with the message "YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE" means that once you see The Operator, he will never stop. ~GTLargo21
  • The Totheark video Sidetone features a numerical code that translates to LIES, which could infer a connection to this one. ~Moooo4me
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