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Impurity was uploaded on September 01, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 12.
Its description is "000000000".
It is tagged with "marble", "hornets", & "ark".
In total, the clip is 0:34 long.

The video seems to be in four sections.

In the first section, there is no audio track, and the only visual is a blinking "begin".

In the second section, a series of zeroes is presented, where the main message seems to be:


In the third section, some tree tops are filmed in the rain during a thunder storm. The audio appears to be of that storm - including rain and thunder sounds - along with a frequency of 1046 Hz. Right before the cut to the fourth section, the word "operator" appears in the plant.

In the fourth section, a heavily distorted audio clip is played and the screen is filled with zeroes. Among the zeroes are the letters "T H E R E W A S M R E."

Main Observations and Theories

  • This video is the first of many that shows a common theme of water found throughout the Marble Hornets, and especially totheark videos.
  • The letters "T H E R E W A S M R E" are scattered in that order throughout the 0s at the end of the video.
  • Counting the zeroes leads to the number set "26 5 18 15", which in binary translates to "z e r o".

Speculation & Analysis

This video seems to be heavily linked with Regards, and not related to Deluge or Operator. Playing with the audio in the fourth section will result in the same music from Regards. Both Impurity and Regards substitute the single letter O with a zero. ~Morscata12

T H E R E W A S M R E, combined with an O that is hidden in the field of 0s (hidden because, like the other totheark videos, the O is likely replaced by a 0) say "There Was More." Counting the zeroes leads to the message "26 5 18 15" - translating that into letters gives "z e r o". ~ Dav Flamerock

To Dav Flamerock: O is the fifteenth letter of the alphabet and there are fifteen zeroes between the M and the R. Rather than the O being hidden in or replaced by a single zero, it is more likely that it was a counting clue, like "z e r o" at the beginning.

"There was more" echoes the same sentiments that J sent to Dav via Youtube messages concerning entry 12.

"There was Mr. E" ~Mystery? Mr. Eric? ~cooliest1112

Code made of zeroes? Following up on DF's codebreaking, the description would be 'I' (for 'impurity'?). -Auswelter

[response to Auswelter] Or for "Eye"?

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