Hooded Man

An unidentified person seen during Entry 41. Very little is known of the Hooded Man, his motives, or his origins. He wears a black ski mask over his face, a beige Hoody, blue jeans and black gloves.


The Hooded Man would probably be sarcastic if he talked. He taunts most of the characters and as said above, whether he is or good or bad, is yet to be known. It is know that for some reason wants Alex dead.

Appearances in the Series

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Hooded Man and the Masked Man have been seen together in Totheark footage and some of Alex's footage. It is believed that they could have worked together at some point, either master and slave situation or cohorts.

Tim notes in Entry 84 that Bryan was wearing a hood much similar to the hooded man. To date, only Alex and Tim know his identity.


It is speculated to most likely be either Seth or Brian, but there is also people on the forums who think it could Amy, Sarah or an unkown third party. Entry #84 confirms his true identity.

It is wondered whether Totheark uploader and person is actually the Hooded Man. (or including the Masked Man

He is very likely to be totheark. Before Entry 61 the person who uploaded the video entry is likely to be totheark and is definitely the Hooded Man. It has been shown that Tim, as the Masked Man, is not the only person involved with the totheark channel, and the Hooded Man could well be the main uploader or filmer of the videos. - Anonymous

"Possibly a member of the original Marble Hornets crew. Perhaps Seth or Brian?" - Zero

"Although I believe it is either Seth or Brian, He could be a She as the hood could cover up long hair. If it was a girl it would most likely be Sarah or Jessica. However the physical build of the person strongly links the character with a Male and not a female." - Stonefly

"In Surveillance posted by ToTheArk, we can see the hooded man in the background while a shot from Entry 3 is shown when Alex was filming himself. While people ignored this part, I believe this strongly suggests the hooded man and Alex Kralie are one and the same person. Although, it seems impossible since he "appeared" with Tim in Entry 45 attacking Alex. With that said, there is still no evidence to backup for that lack of static except the moment when they realized and ran when The Operator appeared to protect(?) Alex. At the end of Entry 41, clearly we can hear static when the hooded man made his debut in the series. By this we can, at least, presume that the hooded man has a connection with the Operator and the figure in Entry #45 with Tim is just another man/woman who has a grudge against Alex, probably a crew member." - Trexer

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