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Fragments was posted on February 10th, 2011.
Its description is "hello again".
It is tagged with "always" "see" "you".
In total, this clip is 0:18 long.


[00:00-00:04] High pitched noise
[00:04-00:08] Shaky torn up picture of Alex. Another tone is heard Significantly lower than the first.
[00:08-00:10] Blurred writing "you are broken." Also a noise similar to a guitar with distortion on it slowly gets louder and more distorted.
[00:10-00:13] Picture of Alex even more torn up than before and slightly more shaky. Tone comes back, higher than when the first picture of Alex is shown.
[00:13-00:14] Blurred writing again "you cannot be fixed." Guitar sound gets more distorted and louder than the first blurred writing scene.
[00:14-00:18] Picture of Alex completely torn with black paper over the eyes and video starting to distort with black frames coming in.
Guitar sound gets louder and more distorted. Even higher pitched tone comes into compared to the previous torn photo. Both tones get louder until the video stops.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This is the first totheark video of Season II
  • The person on the photo that has been torn up is Alex

Further Speculation

The title of the video could be little more than description of the state of Tim's leg a few months back. -Gangrulous

My guess, then: this is most likely TTA's way of saying "something really terrible happened to Alex, and it's going to happen to you too if you keep trying to remember". Or, alternately: "We used Alex until we had completely broken him and was no use to us. You don't remember it, but we did the same to you. We're moving on and we've disposed of you in the hotel. Have fun completely failing to accomplish anything ever."

This could be a message to Jay meaning that Alex is broken. The "you" totheark is talking about could be Alex, it's addressing the photo. "You (Alex) are broken." It's a message to Jay that Alex is gone, irreparably so. ~Luna

  • The torn photographs could symbolize broken memories as well, suggesting that TTA has intimate knowledge of Jay's condition. ~ Red-Rock-Run
  • This seems like a message from Slenderman to Alex, telling him that "he is broken" and "he cannot be fixed", as if saying that Slender will never go away. ~iWantToBelieve

There are black frames that flash every now and then. Upon further inspection, they are all uniform in length, either one or two frames long. Turns out it is Morse Code.
The first section says, "must"
The second says, "die"
The third and final section is incoherent, or just not Morse. "ei" is all I get before a series of dots at unusual intervals.
More specifically, there is a certain number of frames in-between each black frame which is increased between letters, which is to be expected, since that's how Morse works in sound, but with pauses instead of normal frames. In the third part, the "pauses" are irregular and not nearly what they were in the first two. ~Niphanos

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