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Forecast was posted on April 21st, 2011.
It has the description "c2VlIHlvdSBzYXcgeW91".
In total, this clip is 0:41 long.


Main Theories and Observations

An ARG user named sveen0or has said, "Code is base64:c2VlIHlvdSBzYXcgeW91 Decoded to : see you saw you".

The music is the 4th movement from Beethoven's 5th symphony, reversed & slowed down.

Numbers appear on the left of the screen from 0:02 - 0:08: 2 26 18 2 32 36 30 32 16 10 40
The numbers when, divided by 2= 1 13 9 1 16 18 15 16 8 5 20 = A M I A P R O P H E T

Further Speculation

*This video is generally considered to be evidence that the figure seen outside Jay's car in Entry #39 is either ToTheArk himself or one of the individuals involved with the totheark YouTube channel.

*If totheark is on Jay's side, perhaps he is guarding Jay. ~mytyde

*The letters in AMIAPROPHET can be rearranged to also spell APPEAR TO HIM ~ elford

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