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Exit was uploaded on September 15, 2009.
It is a video reply to Entry 13.
Its description is "remember me".
It is is tagged with "marble" "hornets" "ark"
In total, the video is 1:07 minutes long.

The video starts with quick flashes of the words "Rat" "He" "Ore" and "Top" - an anagram for "the operator". Buzzing can be heard during this segment.

Footage from a handheld camcorder flickers, then steadies and zooms in on a white convertible. Jay walks around the back of the car and enters in through the driver's side - Jay confirmed later via twitter that he was looking for batteries for Alex's camera. This places the footage directly after Jay's exit from Entry 13.

Cars passing on the nearby street are the only audio - this background sound was also heard in Entry 13. Whoever is filming Jay is hiding next to a tree behind cover of ferns and other leafy plants. The car's license plate cannot be seen throughout the clip (it is covered by a fern leaf the entire time). The video seems to have a filter applied that turns darker areas of the clip completely black.

Jay pops the trunk, gets out of the car, and opens the trunk. After a few moments, he finds what he is looking for, closes the trunk (while looking at the camera for a split second), and locks up the car. He runs back to where he started - the camera follows his movements, then runs after him. A beep is heard, and the video cuts.

If this video is downloaded from YouTube and played in a standard media player, the text "WHEREIS THEARK" is displayed on the last frame of the clip.

Main Observations and Theories

As evidenced by entry 13, Alex seemed a little preoccupied during "exit." Exit has some constant distortion in it, distortion that is not present during entry 13. While this certainly isn't proof that this wasn't Alex filming J, it's solid evidence against it.

Speculation & Analysis

This is likely footage taken from the cuts in Entry 13, implying that Alex went back to film J for some reason. ~ Dav Flamerock

I don't believe this to be Alex recording J. Why would he add the filter? ~ GTLargo21

Assuming Totheark filmed this footage himself, this would be his earliest appearance in the story chronology. He'd been watching Jay for three years before the series started. ~ Filby

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