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This entry was posted on Jay's account on March 05, 2010.
The description for the video is "".
It is tagged "marble" & "hornets".
The original video size is 480 x 320.
In total, this clip is 0:27 long.

This video consists of black and white clips of the masked man as well as a number of ambiguous images, most of which are heavily distorted. The audio consists of a buzzing tone, with a distorted recording of totheark's voice. The style of the video is consistent with totheark's most recent upload, Warning

There is no hidden final frame.

It is followed by three related tweets:

Main Theories and Observations

The Imagery in the Video

  • The first image, the one of the black rectangle, may be a door or doorway.
  • The image of the two grey ovals on the black screen could be the view from the inside of the masked man's mask.
  • There are a number of shots in which the masked man's movements are slow and apparently dazed or stunned, as well as a number of them where his movements are very frenetic, probably sped up.
  • The jacket that the figure putting on the mask is wearing is the same jacket as Tim is seen wearing in Entry #20, and the hair, particularly the sideburns, are similar as well. This is one of the videos which hints strongly to the viewers that Tim is the masked man, in addition to other videos where he is seen wearing what appears to be the same jacket, including Entry #19 and Entry #23.
  • The various images of masked faces in the video all appear to be slightly different. This is most often attributed to distortion, athough some theorize that the changes are too drastic from mask to mask and suggest that this video shows that there are multiple masks.

The Audio

  • The tones that play behind the distorted voice in the video sound as if they might have come from a piece of heavily edited or distorted music.
    • The audio track does appear to be music, reversed, although no one has identified the piece that it is from yet.

Entry ###### audio reversed and speed changed - This might be enough to identify the music

  • The diction of the speech is a little bit suspect. The voice is generally agreed to have said:
    "We will wait for you no more. Control is being taken away from you. From a start, this has been a game for us. Not anymore. I'm coming for you, and you will lead me to the ark."
    It is, however, suggested that instead of "and you will lead me to the ark", as in Jay will lead totheark to the ark, that it is saying "and you will lead me, Totheark", that totheark and the masked man are different people and that the masked man is sending a message to totheark using Jay's account. There is also a chance that it is intended to be, "and you will lead me. -totheark", as in totheark signs off with his name.
    • However, GnomonRose suggests that the intonation of the speech doesn't lend itself to either a signoff or a reference to totheark as a name, thusly implying that it is intended to be "you will lead me to the ark".
  • It has been suggested that at the end of the video, layered into the sound after the last phrase, are the words "you are not ready".

The Creator

This video appears to have been posted by totheark, and is in totheark's usual style. Jay has stated on his Twitter account on March 6th, 2010 that he did not post Entry ######. However, it IS posted on the Marble Hornets youtube page, and therefore can be seen as a little bit suspect.

  • It could be that totheark simply hacked into Jay's youtube account and uploaded it that way.
  • It could also be that totheark broke into Jay's house and uploaded it from his computer.
  • Jay has been losing time, and it has been suggested in previous videos, such as Return, that the masked man takes control of him or takes him places. Assuming Masky is totheark, it could be that he took over Jay and somehow made him upload the video himself.
  • It is also theorized by some that the figure in the video IS Jay, and that the time he has been losing is time that he spends as a "Masky" himself.

Totheark and Masky

  • In this entry, it is said that "we will wait for you no more", and "from the start this has been a game for us". The use of these plurals can be used to infer a few different things:
    • That totheark and the masked man are not the same person, and so the video is using the plural in the sense of speaking for both of them, and when it's speaking in singular, it's speaking only for the masked man as the active party.
      • Kjax8 suggests further that totheark is a group or organization that the masked man was once part of and wants to be a part of again, and that this entry was his way of sending a message to totheark to that effect.
    • That totheark and the masked man are the same person, and that that person is working with or for the Operator in some form.
    • That the plural is simply used in a royal "we" sense or, as suggested by RadheadSyndicate, in a biblical sense, as in "we are legion".

The Ark

See The Ark.


  • This video follows the tone of the totheark video Warning, in that it is more aggressive in the way it communicates with Jay and/or the viewer.
  • This video could be trying to goad Jay into doing something other than sitting alone at home (which he had been in previous videos). Dray suggests that Jay is being used as some sort of bait for the Operator.
  • morscata12 suggests that the phrase "control is being taken away from you" refers to the Operator taking control away from Jay, not totheark doing so, and that this entry is a warning to Jay to that effect, and that totheark is warning Jay about this because he wants Jay to triumph over the Operator so that he can lead totheark to the ark.
  • eckohour suggests that perhaps the video was directed at the viewers of the series, and is saying that we have spent too long trying to figure out the puzzles and failed, and thus have no more say in the storyline. However, Marble Hornets was never very interactive, and even the puzzles that were solved didnt' seem to help Jay in any way, so this, while cool, is unlikely.
  • Jay states in Entry #25, "I've been out of my home ever since totheark put the last video on this channel." This can be seen as somewhat meta support of the idea that totheark was the one to make and upload the video, or it can be seen as an indication of Jay as an unreliable narrator.

Further Speculation

Aleph Null said:

What I find the most interesting about this entry — aside from the general mindfuckery, of course — is the last sentence based simply upon how many ways it can be interpreted:

"And you will lead me to the ark" (i.e. Jay, or for whomever the video is intended, will literally lead Masky to the ark, whatever that may be)
"And you will lead me, totheark" (i.e. Jay, or for whomever the video is intended, is totheark and will lead Masky either literally — to a destination — or metaphorically)
"And you will lead me. totheark" (i.e. Jay, or for whomever the video is intended, will lead totheark — likely to be Masky if this is the valid interpretation — again either literally or metaphorically)

That said, this also occurs to a minor degree in other phrases and even totheark itself — is it totheark as in the videos are addressing the ark, or totheark as in "To the ark! Let's go!"?

Giant Squid said:

J did not upload the video, despite the fact that it was on his account. There is a very good chance this is due to totheark hacking his account.

Dav Flamerock said:

It is also possible that J is simply acting out of character due to the effects of the Slender Man and does not remember posting the video. This would work with the theory that J is turning into a totheark-like character just like Alex did.

Ventosus said:

We know that it has been documented that J has filmed and has been filmed without his knowledge. Not to mention the missing chunks of his memory that we haven't even learned what happened yet. I have heard it theorized that J may be a "Masky" of some sort as well and this idea adds to that. Perhaps J did upload the video during one of his "blackout" periods, the speaker is slow and deliberate in the audio in this one but consider the pause in the midst of, "you will lead me to the ark." This audio takes on a whole new meaning when it is read, "You will lead me, Totheark." It could be a message directed at totheark rather than from him. A message from J stating Totheark will lead him from this point on.

Could it be that J has a split personality, and said other personality knows that, so he is referring as 'us'? The end of what Ventosus said gave me that thought. ~GTLargo21

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