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Entry #9 was posted on July 19, 2009
It has the description "9".
In total, this clip is 3:36 long.

This video consists of footage from the filming of Marble Hornets. Sarah and Tim, two of the actors, are running through a scene from Marble Hornets. Alex admonishes them for their acting, as well as Seth, the cameraman, for turning the camera off.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The gazebo in this video is probably the same gazebo from Entry 5.
  • Though the cameraman in this video is not identified, his name was given as "Seth" in later videos.
  • Off-camera Alex mentions that someone brought their dog to the set, which upsets him.
  • Tim's shirt has both a nuclear symbol and an odd "S" shape on it.

Further Speculation

Tim and Sarah both glance back towards the same place in the woods behind the gazebo. Is something unconsciously drawing their eyes there? ~mytyde

Even though it was the same location as Entry 5 the sound was intact, meaning that the place wasn't the one causing the sound to become distorted.

Alex is angry that Seth stopped recording for a couple of minutes, much like the opposite of what he would do (as he constantly films himself). This could mean he still expects The Operator to come after him no matter the situation or location. ~ TH3ON3

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