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Entry 83 Entry 83 on Unfiction

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Entry #83 was posted on March 6, 2014.
It has the description "83".
In total, this clip is 7:14 minutes long.

This entry shows footage of Tim going back to the college and experiencing The Operator and chasing the Hooded man.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jay appears to have been carted to Tim's house and left there to die.
  • Tim travels from the hospital through other locations that he has had Operator moments in.
  • The Hooded Man fell a distance but some speculate he is still alive but wounded.

Further Speculation

  • i have come up with a theory on the masky/Tim thing. Tim turns into masky after going a few days without his pills (as seen in entry #61) so what i think happened was hoody took Tims' pills so Tim would turn into masky and join him (hence hoody throwing down the masky mask). Just a theory not really real. also there is a masked man in the random videos after Tim runs out of the building.
  • The first thing Tim took out of hoodys pocket was a tape.
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