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Entry #8 was posted on July 12, 2009.
It has the description "Short entry. Doesn't seem like Alex."
In total, this clip is 0:36 long.

Footage from Alex's tapes. Alex, drawing with charcoal, is filling up sheaves of paper with drawings and large writing that seems related to trees, vision, and the Operator.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Alex is using stick charcoal. The smudged quality of the already finished drawings and writings suggests they were all done in charcoal.
  • The drawings that Alex is doing are the first known incidences of the Operator symbol being seen on camera. In the drawings, these appear to be used to represent the Operator's head.
    • That could imply that the symbology behind them is something along the lines of "no face" — some sort of identifier.
  • The connection of the Operator to trees suggests that Alex encountered the Operator in a tree-filled area. Judging from other videos, this could be:
    • The scouting location from Entry #5 with the extreme audio distortion.
    • The filming location from Entry #12 with the visual distortion and Operator sighting.
  • anonymousloli screenshotted and labelled a number of the drawings from the table: 1, 2, 3.
    • "HEL" could be meaning "Help" or "Hell" since he made room for another letter on the page

Connections to Other Videos

  • This could be the beginning of Entry #1 (similar to the way that Entry #6 was the end of Entry #1), given that Alex is turning off the light and Entries #1 and #6 are done in darkness.
    • This is something of a stretch, given that Jay tells us that "The rest of the tape remains too dark to see and the audio never comes back".
  • This could be a different angle continuation of the first clip of Entry 3, where Alex is sitting on the couch and paper noises can be heard. The lighting is very similar, and he could have been shuffling through and ripping these drawings.
    • Even if these videos didn't happen in immediate conjunction, it's not unlikely that the drawings are related to the paper Alex is tearing in Entry #3.

Further Speculation

The ovals with Xs through them seem to me to be depictions of Slender Man's head, because he has no face. This would explain the presence of an attached body in some of the etchings. ~ Henry Maness

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