Entry #76

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Entry #76 was posted on September 12, 2013.
It has the description "76"
In total, this clip is 10:57 long.

This entry is the footage from the tape found in Entry #75.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jessica has been taken by the Operator
  • This entry seems to have take place around Entry 33
  • Alex lured Jessica to the tunnel
  • This entry shows either time-stopping or time-travelling abilities - in Entry 33, Jay is attacked by Masky very shortly after agreeing with Jessica that they need to get out of there. While Jay was getting ready, Masky managed to carry Jessica into the woods, and make it back in time to ambush Jay in Jessica's room.
  • Tim appears at the end looking dazed and certainly confused.

Further Speculation

  • Masky and Hoody could've used Jessica to bait out Alex
  • Masky dropped off Jessica then came back for Jay
  • Jessica seemed to be breathing at the end of the entry before she was taken, meaning shes probably still alive in slenderland. ~Ark is watching
    • It is also argued that you cannot see that she is breathing.
  • It seems that Tim was placed by the Operator ~pau_explains
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