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Entry 75|Entry 75 on Unfiction
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Entry #75 was posted on August 23, 2013.
It has the description "75"
In total, this clip is 10:16 long.

Jay schedules an appointment with a doctor and then both he and Tim head to Tim's house.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Tim purposely didn't mention the tape in the previous entry, and hoped Jay wouldn't notice.
  • Tim appears to be very distraught in the beginning of this clip
  • Tim acts like he is looking around for the tape and then hides it.
  • Jay clearly becomes more paranoid about Tim's actions through out.
  • The note is a picture of Amy, with a location on it( 79 Creek Street) suggesting to be a ransom note.
  • Who ever left the note has kidnapped a man.
  • 7:35 what looks like a tape is visible in Tim's pocket, as if he's taken the tape from the living room

Further Speculation

Hoody has probably taken Alex, or vice versa.

I watched the earlier Tim entries and his "speeches" and I can't shake the feeling that Tim really is looking out for Jay. When he's being a liar, its more obvious then not, and I feel like whatever is on the tape will seriously effect Jay. Watching him tell Jay to run when they were both about to be slender-napped, and arguing with him like Tim is Jay's mother about seeing a doctor just seems to good of an acting job for a man who was alone for so long and Operator-damaged. It seems genuine. -Katsatitagain

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