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Entry #72 Entry #72 on Unfiction

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Entry #72 was posted on June 9, 2013.
It has the description "72".
In total, this clip is 14:10 minutes long.

In this entry, Jay and Tim go to the house Alex was moving out of when Jay first received the tapes. They both search through the house looking for clues.

Main Theories and Observations

  • !!HUGE REALIZATION!! At the point of 12:05 on dot, The Operator's face, has clearly defined facial features. This may lead to my hypothesis that The Operator must absorb/possess victims in order to materialize in our world. This is actually the clearest picture in full of The Operator to date.
  • Tim believes that Jay should see a doctor because the same thing that happened to him, could be happening to Jay.
  • The house had a pile of papers, some of which had names crossed out of the Marble Hornets film crew.
  • This is by far the entry that has more appearances of the Operator (3).

Further Speculation

*There was never any chest-cam footage released of this entry even though Tim was obviously wearing it.

  • It is to be observed that Jay has seen or felt the presence of the Operator before it appeared on that exact spot Jay pointed out a bit earlier. Although it's vague at this point of time, Jay, probably, has developed some sort of a sixth sense that helps him to avoid contact with the Operator by knowing where it'll appear. It is yet to be confirmed if this transformation happened to him. ~Katisatitagain
  • When Jay and Tim enter the basement, the outside rapidly shifts to night. This could be evidence of The Operator's ability to stop/control time. ~Weeshnaw
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