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Entry #71 was posted on May 15, 2013.
It has the description "Another burned tape".
In total, this clip is 6:10 minutes long.

In this entry, footage from the burnt tapes shows Jay visiting Alex at his home, and convincing Alex to give him the tapes. After giving Jay the tapes, Alex appears to change his mind and attacks Jay.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This entry contains the footage of Jay's meeting with Alex described in Jay's original Something Awful forum post.
  • Jay has no memory of being attacked by Alex after receiving the tapes.

Further Speculation

Someone was looking into the camera after Jay and Alex left the room. For a second it looked like Tim, but then again it could be Alex checking to make sure it's still recording. Seems he's eager to capture something (Operator?). ~iWantToBelieve.

It was Alex looking into the camera. I can tell by his clothes. He's definitely trying to catch TO. I'm not sure why Jay doesn't remember being attacked. What could have caused Jay to forget is a question that won't stop running through my mind. - TheHood

Could it possibly be the Operator that removed Jay's memories? In the past, Jay says he does not remember a lot of occasions in which TO appeared in, and the seven months lost from his memory in Season 2 was after a confrontation with the Operator. If Alex was allied with the Operator at this early stage, could Alex have possibly convinced (even ordered) TO to remove Jay's memories, to ensure that Jay only remembered what Alex wanted him to? It seems pretty likely to me. ~ NobodyIP

Why wipe that incident? It wasn't anything important. TO seems an unlikely suspect in this case. I believe it may have been Alex. If Alex was allied with TO this early on, it means he's a proxy. Now if I'm right proxies are known to do the bidding of TO, and Alex made the image on the camera turn static when he was checking it. So maybe Alex has inherited some ability. Although I suppose if Alex ordered or convinced TO as you suggested NobodyIP, it could possible mean that Alex is taking control of Jay in some way. Controlling what he remembers, shaping his actions. I need to see more footage before a full conclusion can be formed. - TheHood

I think it's safe to say that Jay has been an unreliable narrator in the course of the series. What else has he forgotten? Let's assume that totheark is Seth. Maybe Seth witnessed Jay being attacked, say he forgot something at Alex's house or wanted to help him pack. He ran away, not knowing what was going on, and probably encountered the Operator afterwards, making him forget the incident. Then Alex convinced him to help him defeat the Operator, after Seth became aware of it. And after Alex took him to the location in Entry 22, he decided to end his alliance with Alex, formed to defeat the Operatorbut Alex probably started it to get rid of the MArble Hornets crewand go out on his own. Then Jay came into the picture with the Marble Hornets channel on Youtube. Seth suddenly remembers the attack and tries to scare him away with the frightening early videos. Then he becomes furious as it becomes apparent that Jay does not remember the attack, and Jay gains Seth's sympathies and he decides to help him. And all of this is because of the Ark. Also this video suggests that Alex had "changed" long before he gave Jay the tapes, and was probably dangerous even then. Plus this provides a theory-the Operator brings the worst out of people, their deepest flaws and magnifies them tenfold. Maybe Alex was a sociopath/psychopath before all of this? I'm reading about those now. I'm gonna make a section in Theories dedicated to my suspicions. ~TallShadow

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