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Entry #7 was posted on July 07, 2009.
It has the description "Patterns emerging."
It is tagged "Marble" and "hornets".
In total, this clip is 2:00 long.

A clip from the Marble Hornets film. Alex and Brian are filming in Alex's car, doing a take for the movie, and at one point, Brian moves and in the alley his head was obscuring, the Operator can be spotted. Alex ends the take, to Brian's confusion, and drives away.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The "girl off camera" is widely thought to be Sarah, the only known girl involved in the production of Marble Hornets.
  • The multiple cuts in this clip suggest that this was before Alex became obsessive about keeping the camera on at all times, as in Entry 9.
  • In the first part of the clip, the Operator is not present in the alleyway, implying that it moved into frame some time while they were sitting there in the car.

Further Speculation

The alley where Slender Man is eventually spotted is shown multiple times during the clip without him in it, meaning Slender Man walked/appeared there during the filming. ~Morscata12

This clip seems to mark a turning point, when Alex goes from being curious about the Slender Man to being afraid of him/it. The hunter becomes the hunted, & from this point onward, Alex is less concerned with the production of Marble Hornets & more concerned with recording himself.

Chronogolically, this entry appears to take place after #4 (when Alex seemed to be actively seeking out the Slender Man), but before entries #1 & #6 (when Alex was being stalked by the Slender Man).

~ Zeta Kai

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