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Entry #68|Entry #68 on Unfiction
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Entry #68 was posted on March 10, 2013.
It has the description "68".
In total, this clip is 4:53 minutes long.

In this entry, the Hooded Man is resting at his "home" when Alex violently comes to question him about the whereabouts of Tim and Jay.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The Hooded Man seems to be living in the park, although he could certainly be moving around constantly. Seeing how Alex knew where Hoodie is situated, this is most likely the case, for Hoodies own safety.
  • Alex is, for certain, tracking down Jay and Tim.
  • This video was originally uploaded by Totheark and/or the Hooded Man.
  • Alex knows Hoodie's physical identity, and possibly even his/her personal identity.
  • The Hooded Man is clearly not afraid of Alex.

Further Speculation

I don't have a unfiction account, but to me, it seems like two things are possible: Scenario 1: Hoody was waiting for Alex. That he knew he was gunna show up, and wanted Jay to know Alex was alive and looking for him. Scenario 2: Hoody is just as paranoid as Jay, and as Alex was, and is filming everything too.- Kat

At the end of the video, what little we saw of Hoodie's face looked pretty much distinctly masculine. This could confirm Hoodie as being male. (Keyword being "could".)
-Barn Owl

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