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Entry #67 was posted on February 15, 2013.
It has the description "Tape from the hospital".
In total, this clip is 7:58 minutes long.

In this entry, the Hooded Man goes to the Hospital sneaking behind Alex.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Another appearance of the Hooded Man.
  • It isn't known if Alex survives.
  • It seems to happen after the footage of Entry 65.

Further Speculation

It can be assumed that Hoody is the one filming this tape. Hoody wears the same gloves and hoodie, however, no face is ever seen.

Entry 67 seems to take place after the events taken from Tim's chest camera end in Entry 65. Hoody picks up the pipe in the same place Tim drops it.

There seems to be heavy distortion throughout the video, even though there is only one sighting of the Operator, and only two instances where his signature audio distortion occur (implying that he is close by). This adds to the theory that people who have come in close contact with the Operator can also cause distortion. This also supports the idea that Hoody is Jay from the future, or otherwise is somehow capable of time travel, which, if true, is what distorts the camera.

This is the first appearance of Alex since shooting at Jay. Hoody captures him, Tim beats him, and Hoody appears to be about to shoot Alex when the Operator appears. This may add to the theory that the Operator is drawn by fear. It can be hypothesized that Hoody aimed the gun at Alex to induce fear, only to leave him to the Operator. On the other hand, the Operator may have appeared to save Alex, or any number of combinations.

Hoody's style of filming is very similar to ToTheArk. On one hand, this may provide evidence that he is, in fact, ToTheArk. On the other, how else is it going to look when you're trying not to be seen? It may also tie into the theory that Hoody is Jay from the future— How else would ToTheArk know the youtube and twitter passwords, even when they are changed, unless ToTheArk=Hoody=Future Jay?

At the end of the tape, Tim wakes up in a field next to his mask, which, it should be noted, he leaves in the field. He also takes something out of the pocket of his jacket. It seems to be the gun taken from Alex by Hoody. Afterwards, he limps off.

The heavy distortion is more likely to be caused by the damage to the tape due to the environment it was left in (dirt, moisture, changes in humidity and temperature etc.) ~aidansean

As a follow-up, it's far more likely that Hoody is actually Brian, and the distortion is caused by residual interference from the Operator, similar to how Tim has been shown to affect the camera while in his Masky persona. Additionally, the distortion apart from the actual unplayable nature of the video may be directly caused by interference from the Operator. ~Zarggg

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