Entry #66

Entry #66|Entry #66 on Unfiction
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Entry #66 was posted on January 23rd, 2013.
It has the description "66".
In total, this clip is 13:49 minutes long.

In this entry Tim and Jay re-enter the abandoned hospital and Tim tells Jay of his past.

Main Theories and Observations

Further Speculation

Could the tape left by Hoodie have any indications as to his/her identity?

Slight blurring occurred when Jay and Tim pass 1 or 2 Operator Symbol(s) from 9:25 to 9:27. There may or may not be one on the wall to the right. However, the one on the door is definitely the same as from Entry 58. There was blurring then, too, but not as severe as in this entry. Not sure is that's important or not.

Has Tim seen the ToTheArk videos? He has watched MarbleHornets videos, which has given him information on his Masky persona. Perhaps watching the TTA videos would renew his memory of why he appeared in them in the first place?

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