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Entry #65 was posted on November 19th, 2012
It has the description "65".
In total, this clip is 14:11 minutes long.

This entry shows what happened to Tim after Jay left him in Entry 64. He is taken through a wild sequence of events in Rosswood Park, before returning to the abandoned hospital.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This Entry shows what appears to have happened to Tim after his and Jay's encounter with the Operator in Entry 64
  • The man who appears at about 3:00 is most likely Alex's victim from Entry 49
  • Tim was most likely a patient at the hospital.

Further Speculation

  • From 1:18 to 1:35 Tim is underwater. At 1:36 he seems to make the transition from swimming underwater to running on dry land, instantly. It is not altogether clear whether or not this is merely a camera cut or not, but I don't think it is, as you can see Tim's arm in both the underwater and running shots. It even looks like Tim simply sweeps the water away with his arm. I think this is Tim warping/teleporting, as previously theorized. ~Enquirer
  • This happens again. 2:44, Tim is running through to woods yelling Jay's name. His pace slows and the screen darkens, and when it brightens again we see the (remarkably preserved) corpse of Bruce in a strange, paved area surrounded in darkness. Notice that Tim had been running in a well-lit wooded area before he suddenly arrived here. Notice especially how there is absolutely no change in the audio from 2:49 to 2:57; it's the same sound of Tim panting and slowing down, meaning this is all one shot. This means that Tim has to have warped. Furthermore, we know that Bruce's corpse vanished along with The Operator in Entry 49. The fact that it turns up here, in a very mysterious, unknown (otherworldly?) place, implies to me that we are seeing a place/realm/dimension belonging to The Operator, and here is one of its body-storage areas. This is a very long shot, but could this be a part of the one and only Ark? Would love to hear other people's ideas on this. ~Enquirer

Hi. I'm new to the page, and not very experienced, so please help me make sure my theory is sound. With this showing that Tim was running around during what is presumed to be night (When he runs up toward the body that Alex killed) and Tim telling Jay that he will disappear for weeks at a time, could this along with the unusually dark eyes on both Tim and Jay, could they have been in the woods for weeks without realizing it ~ Me168

I found it very odd that Bruce's (the man Alex killed) body was not decomposed at all. Is it possible that Tim, during this Entry, jumped time/space? These jumps through Time/Space would be a valid explanation for Tim arriving to his car before Jay did. Also, while Tim was in the abandoned hospital, he kept repeating phrases such as "Where is it?" and "Let me out!", etc. It's possible that Tim was having a flashback(s) to the time when he was in the hospital. -TheNarrator

Part of the video being in water gave me an idea that makes a lot of sense. This is my theory: water is sort of a safe haven against The Operator. Tim had jumped into it, expecting for TO to leave, but then the effects TO has on Tim, i.e. warping, came into effect, and he failed. Maybe TO was in a fire and died before they could douse it with water, which may explain this? And Totheark is aware of this, and keeps water close by to ward off TO. For example, let's say that Hoody is Totheark. In Entry 41, they were focusing on that small stream intently, almost as if they were focusing energy on that image, trying to imprint it in their minds, so they wouldn't be susceptible to TO's effects. AND in Entry 68 Hoody has a lot of water, even for drinking. Or they might have just brought a lot of water with them so they don't have to leave often. But WATER. I'm making a section in Theories about this, please read. ~Tall Shadow

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