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Entry #64 was posted on October 13, 2012.
It has the description "64".
In total, this clip is 11:48 minutes long.

Jay goes with Tim to Rosswood, as he reluctantly agreed to in the last entry. Their first stop is the wood shed Alex confronted Jay and Jessica in, where they find no evidence of Alex being shot during his struggle with the masked Tim. They then look for the shack that the hooded figure brought them to in Entry #62 but cannot find it. Finally, they find the tunnel in which Alex killed a man. Jay receives a phone call from Alex, commanding him to leave. Alex hangs up immediately afterwards. Jay insists that they pay it no heed and continue, only for The Operator to appear and advance towards Tim. Jay tries to help Tim but it's no use and he flees. After finally reaching the car park, he sees Tim is back in his car. Jay tries to get a response from him but Tim merely gives Jay an icy look and drives away.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Alex is still alive
  • Both Tim and Jay have "unnaturally" dark circles under their eyes at the end of the entry.


Alex could be connected to TO as he said "Meet Now." (fixed)
Sorry for incorrect structure, this is my first new page on this wikia :D
In response to the comment below, then it could also mean that he was in league with The Operator, and just wanted TO to be left with Tim, as he was the one actively hunting TO. TO always seems to attack the person trying to find him… ~ og1764

We can leave it for now, but I believe on forums and stuff the general concensus is that Alex says "Leave" not meet.

I honestly think that Alex could be following them, and by the way, he said LEAVE now, I also think the reason why Tim left is because of two reasons:

1. He was being possessed by Masky.

2. He was angry at Jay.

~Colin Jackman.

Considering earlier entries where we seem to hear the Operator "playing back" Jay's voice (Calling "Alex! Seth!" for instance) it seems conceivable that the phone call could possibly be TO imitating Alex's voice via the cell phone call. ~GnomonRose

On the topic of voice recording, I think that would be to hard for someone to answer so quickly within Jay picking up the call. If it was a recording, the caller would have to wait a sec, to make sure Jay finished saying "Hello." or even answering to make sure the whole message was actually heard or played. There wasn't that long of a pause, although he did speak funny . IRLtime having that little of a pause, with no click sound is hard to pull off, and the show thrives on being irl as things occur in the actual entries. You could be right, but I don't think it was a recording. Especially since the point of the entry seems to establish Alex being back and Tim being slendersick again: EDIT: Looking back at what Researcher Teague said, I am in agreement with it being the same voice. -Katsatitagain

Alex's "Leave. Now." could be a recording, or even Alex saying it straight away - the point I have to raise, however, is that it sounds frighteningly similar to the distorted speech in TTA's 'Advocate'. -ResearcherTeague

I don't think it's the same as the sound clip from the totheark video, which I always heard as "Flee now." (Although it means the same thing.) I think Alex is still alive, since the video already disproved that he died from the bullet heard in Entry 52. ~travestyoftheweek

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