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Entry #63 was posted on September 25, 2012.
It has the description "63".
In total, this clip is 5:30 minutes long.

We see how Jay and Tim part ways after their encounter with Hoody in Rosswood Park, with Tim walking home. Then we are told that time passed and Tim finally called Jay back and asked to meet. We see the meeting, in the dark under a streetlight. They are talking again, but clearly there is a lot of tension between the men. Jay wants to find Jessica, but Tim doesn't want to do that as TO is more of a priority for him. He asks Jay to go with him back to Rosswood, the only lead he feels they have. At first Jay refuses, but gives in when Tim promises to help find Jessica after that's done. They plan to go together to the park in less than a week.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Tim and Jay are working together, but its more an "my best ally is probably my enemy" situation.
  • Jays been worrying about Jessica, and finding her is his main goal.

Further Speculation

It's strange that Jay says that someone (not mentioning the hooded figure that Jay and Tim had both chased into that very tunnel together!) must have taken the records from him! From JAY! But it doesn't seem that he had seen these records until he found them in the tunnel. Did he actually have them before and didn't decide to show them till he found them in the tunnel? Or did Jay simply speak wrongly? It certainly is an odd thing to say. Also, it is odd a bit that Jay thinks it's sort of his fault that Jessica's involved. From Alex and Jay's visit to their old house, we know that Jessica and Amy and Alex were all roommates, so it doesn't seem like Jay's involvement could predate that! ~GnomonRose
^ most likely the taking the papers from him was a speaking error, but we can't really know.
People at unForum insist that Jay says "Someone obviously took them from YOU" with evidently an elongaged "Y" on "you" so that it sounded like "me". I'm not sure myself. ~ GnomonRose

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