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Entry #62 was posted on August 31, 2012.
It has the description "62".
In total, this clip is 9:01 minutes long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • This entry confirms that Jay is not the person in the hoody.
  • The video was uploaded with no exposition text except for the initial title card ("Entry #61"), and was announced on Twitter with a tweet that is differently capitalized and punctuated than the usual tweet ("entry #61" vs. "Entry #60:"). There are a few schools of thought on the reasons for this:
    • It could be someone other than Jay uploading the entry. Potentially that person could be the hooded man, totheark (if that person is different than the hooded man), or even Tim.
    • It could simply be that Jay was in some dire hurry.
      • However, there is a cut in the video as well as a title card, which indicates that the entry has been edited. As re-rendering something in a video program takes some time, it makes it somewhat less likely that this was simply Jay in a hurry.
      • Additionally, the tweet on 09/04/2012 indicating that both Jay and Tim are alright suggests that Jay knows of the video that was posted and therefore sanctions its presence. It is unlikely that someone other than Jay uploaded the video.
  • It looks like the baby doll from Indicator is lying in the shack. Maybe this is where TTA has been hiding out.
  • There is a brief handful of frames with a visual tear between the night vision mode and the normal vision mode at 5:08.
  • The camera is pointed at Jay while he is unconscious and as he is waking up. Someone other than him must have placed it, and given the cast of this video, it is reasonable to assume it was either Tim or the hooded man.


  • When Tim is seen leaving in the previous entry, he doesn't apparently take the mask with him.
    • There also appears to be no mask with him when he wakes up. The hooded man may have given him the mask at Rosswood, and taken it back again at some point. This, coupled with the subterfuge from Entry 61 may point to an exploitative rather than cooperative relationship between Tim and the hooded man.
    • We do not see Tim take the mask, however, he may have had it elsewhere and taken it with him while off-camera.
  • There appears to be little or no recognition from Tim when Jay is calling his name. The reason for this is unclear, although there are a few theories:
    • Tim's behavior later in the video suggests it might be a case of memory loss.
    • If the masked man is a case of split personalities, he's no longer Tim, and the alternate personality has taken over. A split personality (usually) has no knowledge of the other personality.
    • He did hear Jay but didn't want to give his position away so he could surprise Jay with an attack.
  • Tim with the mask on appears to be groping about as if blind when he is looking for Jay in the bushes. This could be an indicator of some previously totally unknown trait of the masked man, or simply a matter of it being dark out. From 4:00 to 4:20, Tim is standing directly in front of Jay, but doesn't seem to be able to figure out exactly where Jay is. His inability to locate Jay supports the theory that he might be blind as Masky.

Further Speculation

Maybe the fact that the baby is in the shack could be a hint to look back at something in indicator?

  • The main theme of Indicator was that something crucial was not being seen - even the description used the word 'Blind'. Perhaps this means that Jay is still missing something in the bigger picture? -ResearcherTeague

Jay passes through an arch, or arc, of trees, on the way to find Tim, reinforcing the theme of tunnels, and also a play on the word ark.

The "eyes" on Tim's mask seem to have no holes in them (this can best be seen at 4:00 to 4:20). This helps to reinforce the theory that when Tim is "masked" he's being guided by some kind of external force, which perhaps sees for him (as it doesn't look like there's anyway he can see through that). ~scarl18

  • This discussion has been circulating around the fandom on tumblr - it seems that they eyeholes just sit very low on the face, as one of the posters on there has an identical mask for proof.
  • I looked back at the TTA video Indicator because of the baby doll being here, which I take as a big clue. In Indicator, the baby is laying face down at first, just like how Tim wakes up in the park here. In Indicator, TTA puts the words YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE before ( I think) the baby is shown trapped behind some fence slat-looking things, which is laying on the ground to the side of the shack here. I think Indicator is talking to Tim, telling him he will never be free of the control of Hoody, who I take as being the occupier of the hut. I'm not sure if Hoody is working for the Operator, but I'm pretty sure the Hoody who took Tim's medicine is NOT on his side and controls him like a puppet when he is Masky. I just don't know why! YET. ~elford

It needs to be understood that a split personality is (again, usually) a 100% separate person. But, due to Masky's behavior throughout the entire series, I think there IS a possibility that it's a case where the two personalities are aware of each other. Obviously Tim knows (to some degree) what happens to him and who Masky is. - JSilvis

* All we see in #61 is Tim stumble out of the room and not take the mask. This doesn't mean he doesn't take it. It's very possible that the mask is elsewhere in his house. Secondly- Masky obviously "takes over" Tims body. That's what a split personality is. As soon as Masky takes control, he isn't the weak, scared, shaken person we saw leave the room. Third -Hoody takes the camera and leaves very shortly after Tim leaves the room. There's no way of knowing what Tim/Masky did after and there's lot of time unaccounted for. Someone giving Tim the mask makes a very simple thing into a confusing mess when there's 0 need for complicated explanations. - JSilvis

I believe that the uploader of the video is not Jay, due to the fact that they were in the middle of the forest, and apparently they didn't know where they were, to come back home and upload the video. Also, it doesn't have the usual thing that Jay puts on his videos. — thegabs

However, one cannot jump to such conclusions that masky and hoody do infact not work together. As seen in Entry # 45 where they clearly attack Alex together.

I have a suspicion, due to the slightly odd characteristics of how this was posted and the lack of commentary, (as pointed out above by thegabs) that this was uploaded not by Jay, but instead by Hoody. And if that's true, it's likely enough that the latest tweet from Jay's account, stating that Jay and Tim are fine and safe, is a false report also posted by Hoody…to let us relax our guard and not worry about them…maybe so some other character won't go out looking for them in an attempt to save them. (Sept 16 2012)—GnomonRose

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