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Entry #61 - Entry 61 On Unfiction

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Entry #61 was posted on August 8, 2012.
It has the description "61".
In total, this clip is 6:43 minutes long.

The entry was first posted on YouTube under the name "entry," now unlisted. Entry #61 shows a video posted earlier of Hoody breaking into Tim's room with a camera and taking his medication. When he hears Tim coming in, he sets the camera up in his closet and hides in it. Tim enters having a coughing fit. He is unable to find his medication and, without it, starts having some sort of seizure. He then starts crying and eventually gets up and walks away. Hoody comes out of hiding. The video ends with the text "WHERE COULD HE HAVE GONE" and "THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE".

Main Theories and Observations

  • The bulk of Entry #61 was first uploaded to the Marble Hornets channel as "entry", a now-unlisted video without any of Jay's usual exposition or explanation and posted after a series of cryptic tweets on the Marble Hornets twitter. Jay says explicitly in the twitter account that he did not upload "entry".
    • Given the nature of the tweets posted beforehand, a strong theory is that the uploader was totheark. If this is true, it suggests that the hooded man may be totheark, or in league with totheark.
  • The sequence of events wherein Tim, apparently in distress, goes to find his pills, fails to do so, falls into a seizure that apparently has some Operator-influenced elements to it (distortion, skipping), strongly suggests that:
    • Tim's pills are anticonvulsants
    • Tim's seizures have something to do with the Operator, either caused by TO, attracting TO or making Tim vulnerable to TO
    • Tim's pills have something to do with mitigating the Operator's effect on him
  • When the hooded man enters Tim's room, a jacket is hanging on the doorknob. When he leaves, the jacket is gone. The jacket seems similar to or the same as the one Tim is seen wearing along with the mask on previous occasions.
  • When Hoody looks in the first box for Tim's anti-convulsants, what appears to be a craft knife is in there. Craft knifes have several razor blades inside that can be flicked up when the current one runs blunt - given Tim's established suicidal thoughts, seen in Entry 60.5's medical records, it doesn't look so good.
  • The binary at 6:09 translates to "thetree". This may be a reference to Rosswood.
  • Aside from unique ones ("i s e e y o u", the ones that are mirrored, the ones that are distorted), there are only four lines in the above jumble:
    • ENTRY #RWIT}H00{10G
    • ENTRY #R0IH0T{}T010G
    • ENTRY #}IHWRGT00{10
    • ENTRY #1IHR{WGT0}00

Further Speculation

At the very end, at about 9:06, you can very quickly see binary code. After translating this binary, it comes out to say "thetree;" This may be a clue to where Tim is.

This almost fully confirms Hoody as TTA, unless someone else who is TTA uploaded the video before Entry 61 was posted.

Who ever said that TTA was a single person? Maybe its a small group of people with connections to the Operator. Besides, ToTheArk sounds like a group name, not just a singular persons persona. This can explain why so many people have mannerisms that can relate themselves to ToTheArk in some way, because it is multiple people. Another thing I am worried about is it has been days since this video was uploaded to Youtube. What happened? I am starting to suspect some huge plot twist coming up soon.

Looking at Hoody in this video, particularily at 3:01 it appears that whoever he is is almost certainly male and fairly skinny too. Presuming this is the same Hoody from Entry 41 then It can't be Alex, Jay and obviously not Tim. This suggests that Hoody is Seth as Brian is appears to be too 'bulky' to fit this figure. Either that or it's a new character altogether.

If you look at Hoody while they are close to the camera, then do a little bit of inferring as to what Tim would look like that close to the camera, it's safe to say that Hoody is probably shorter than Tim, or of similar height. Looking back at other characters, Alex is much too tall for this, because he is noticeably taller than the others. Hoody is also very slim. Brian is too bulky to fit that description. It's obviously not Tim, so the only ones who fit here would be Seth, Sarah, Jessica, or Jay. Seth could be related to TTA due to his capture by the Operator, either under his influence or as a means of revenge for not being rescued. Sarah fits because of her small size and (like Seth) her name starts with the letter "S," which appears at the top right of TTA's "Advocate" video (The "Advocate" of TTA's name starts with "S" possibly?). Jessica also mysteriously disappeared. It's agreeable that there are multiple masked people, including Tim's alter-ego Masky, so she could have been taken by this group (it's also possible that The Ark is this group of people). It could also be Jay during his "lost time" after his encounters with the Operator. ~Ciggy5

What I find kind of strange is the video in correspondence to the original upload of "entry". At first its public, then unlisted but with a link in the description. Then all of the sudden the link is gone from the description. Whoever this Hoody is, it seems this video was supposed to be for Jays eyes only. ~Wasps

Wasps, I dont think this is for Jays eyes only. If that was true, it would not be uploaded to Youtube, nor would the Youtube channel TTA exist, and TTA would send the videos to Jay, not to Youtube.

Guess that makes sense. Im just wondering why Jay would change the description. Why would he suddenly hide the original upload? Or was it uploaded so Jay would make it an entry? Or I could be reading into it~Wasps

I agree with Ciggy5 on that totheark could be Seth, Jessica, or Sarah; but certainly not Jay. We have seen in Entry 58 Jay running after Hoodie, which most definitely proves they are two separate people. Hoodie staring at Jay sleeping inside his car in one of the totheark's videos further boosts speculation that Hoodie and Hoodie alone is totheark. The letter "S" in "Advocate"could be totheark subtly suggesting who he is. (I.E. Seth or Sarah) Or maybe totheark is Jessica, and the S is suggesting that Sarah and/or Seth were the latest "victims" ~ Jude36

The binary at the end, when translated to text, says "thetrees". ~abettor

Still a little worried about Jay. I know that this is an ARG and all however the point is for it to look like its real. Jay would have uploaded the video already once he has made it to Tim, and according to hints it suggests that Tim is near where Jay lives, possibly a good hours away. Something must have happened. Could the Medicine be preventing more than just Tim's severe coughing, and when Jay found Tim, he saw whatever that is take place? What could have happened?

Tim was most likely crying about the seisures and cough that he has to deal with, but could there be something else? Maybe this isn't the first time Hoodie took his pills, and he fears he might die if it doesn't stop. And I thought totheark, assuming he's most likely Hoodie was a good guy now, or at least nuetral, because he seems to be against Alex and the Operator. But if he's on the good side, why would he take Tim's pills? Maybe he was just showing Jay an example of what Alex might have done to Tim somehow, or maybe, going back to entry 59 when Jay says he might have made everything worse for Tim, it may be that, since this video looks like it's to Jay directly. The entries made Tim remember everything that he had forgotten about the Operator that he didn't want to remember. This could all be Jays fault. ~BoltDeDerp

Based on Ciggy5, totheark could be an organization, made to help or stop The Operator. The Operator Symbol could be a mark of that organization. ~Akacopman

Look at the masked man's actions in Tim's room. The first thing he does upon entry is open the small wooden chest next to Tim's bed when looking for pills. Masky has clearly been in Tim's room before. Now the big question is: Has he broken in before and found the pills there? Or is he someone Tim knows and welcomed in..? ~.exe

Did anyone else notice that Tim's limping on his right leg again, indicating that his Masked Man persona is back? ~ThatBrazilianGuy

ThatBrazilianGuy, I noticed that too. Also, the coat on the handle was gone, which he always wears as Masky. This pretty much confirms the meds being something that prevents Tim's "split personality disorder". Now I think the remaining questions here are:
1. Does Tim have the "seizures" every time he changes personalities?
2. Was the "seizure" really that, or was his mind going through the pain of having his leg smashed again? My reasoning for that is somewhat first-hand, cause lately my neck has been strained along the left curve, and it pinches a nerve. Every time I used to take the pain medicine I have to stop the pain, it worked, but when they wore off, it felt like I was going through the whole experience of the pain starting again. Almost like the injury was happening all over again. So possibly his brain retains that sense of when he first had the pain, and repeats it every time that persona surfaces.
3. Is the coughing fits just a regular sign of him switching personalities, or is the coughing a sign of the Operator being near? It would seem to be strange if the coughing was a regular sign of the switch, because he never coughs as Masky, and doesn't cough regularly as Tim, so I think it'd be pretty safe to say it's the Operator. Notice too there was some video tearing at a few points in the video that seemed reminiscent of the Operator.
4. Lastly, if the coughing is from the Operator being near, does that mean the Operator controls Tim's split personality disorder, or is it almost a defensive instinct by Tim's subconscious? Since it seems that Masky is against the Operator at times, it would seem strange that the Operator controls it and keeps it happening. My best guess would be that the coughing is a sign of the Operator being near, and from past experiences in Tim's life, his subconscious switches to this Masky persona, which seems to be immune to the Operator? If so, being able to "communicate" or "team up" with Masky seems like Jay's best bet of beating the Operator. Heck, maybe that's why Hoody takes Tim's medicine away in the first place, is to try to use Masky to finish the Operator? Maybe this time Hoody has a plan for him, Masky, and Jay to all arrive at the same place, where the Operator would be, and somehow they can take him down. Possibly, if Alex is now "controlled" by the Operator, Hoody needs Jay to keep Alex busy while he and Masky finish off the Operator… I think we may be hitting something very climatic here, if not the home stretch… ~jcal94

I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, but the letters in totheark's garbled title of the video can be rearranged to spell Wright, which could be Tim's last name. In the medical documents, it had only Tim W with the rest redacted.

This entry 99% confirms Hoodie is TTA. The latest TTA response (Observation) has Hoodie spying on Tim. This entry is possibly Hoodie going back to get more footage of Tim. Why would he spy on Tim is beyond me, however. ~Team Player

Anyone else notice Hoody's shoes? They appear to be the same shoes that Tim wears in Entry 59. If you look way back at Entry 19, Masky is wearing no shoes. Could these be connected? And what could it mean?~SlenderYeti

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