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Entry #6 was posted on July 04, 2009.
It has the description "6".
It is tagged "Marble" and "Hornets".
In total, this clip is 0:43 long.

Footage from Alex's tapes. At night, Alex is walking through his house. The house is very dark, making it difficult to see where Alex is running. He gets to a window, and looks around outside with his camera. The Operator appears outside near the house in a spot Alex had previously looked mere seconds before. Alex rushes from the window to another part of his house, where the Operator is passing by another window (moving at an angle).

Main Theories and Observations

  • Jay states that this could be a continuation of Entry 1. The setting and lighting does appear to be the same.
  • The Operator seems intently interested in Alex, or at least Alex's house.
  • The Operator was angled in a way to make himself look like "//", reminiscent of TTA.

Further Speculation

This clip is most likely a continuation of the incident recorded in Entry #1, placing it after the earliest entries (like #5 & #13), but before the later ones from 2006 (such as #22).

The Slender Man seems to move both rather slowly & very quickly, all at the same time. It is suspected that directly observing him/it via eye or camera constrains him to our reality, forcing him to move at an earthly speed. It is also possible that he possessed some inherent means of teleportation. Yet another (albeit unlikely) possibility is that there is more than one Slender Man.

~ Zeta Kai

The SIR. I think this occured some time after Entry 1, but was probably the same night. There is no sign of the person who was seen outside, filming the Operator, so in the time it took for Alex to switch tapes, they must have cleared off. If you have no idea what I am talking about, go back to Entry 1 and read my comments. The SIR.

I find The Operator's Behaviour odd in this entry and Entry 1. It very rarely directly pursues people and walls and doors have never stopped it before so why has it gone out to Alex's house and has proceeded to literally circle the house like a shark. Did Alex have something stopping The Operator from finding or reaching Alex or was it trying to intimidate him as a "stop following me" gesture following Alex's videos of looking for The Operator. The second Idea seems likely to me as the chronological order of the entries suggests that this may be the turning point between Alex loking for the Operator and the tables turning with The Operator beginning to hunt Alex instead.
As far as I've seen this is the only time The Operator uses anything remotely close to physical intimidation.

Like obsidalicious said. It seem odd that the Operator would just kind peek his head through the windows. Normally and in newer entries he teleports and just stands there like a statue. ~Ethan Cook

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