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Entry #59 was posted on June 14, 2012.
It has the description "59".
In total, this clip is 5:24 minutes long.

Main Theories and Observations

  • Tim appears to confess to Jay that he was trying to forget about his past. He blames Jay for everything that has happened recently.
  • It appears there may be a figure standing in the lit door in the background. Perhaps the Operator? ~mytyde

The window on the house in the background appears to be "pulsing".

Further Speculation

At the end, it appears that Jay is in tears. Maybe he's realized that he might of ruined Jessica's and Tim's lives by sucking them in his detective work. As Tim states, he was doing good until Jay came back. It seems that if Jay wants to set everything right, he'll have to do it alone.

5:01 through 5:04. Late 5:02 to early 5:03 Potential Shadow figure in the treeline. When the camera pans up a decent way above the trunk of Jay's car, pause. Now Look along the top of the screen from left to right until you see the white "dot" (Although it's not technically a dot). I presume this to be the operator's collar of his suit. The height seems about right. A couple fractions of a second later if you pause you might be able to make out long slender legs. Again, the height seems correct. The white "collar" is visible throughout most of tim driving away.

Reasons why I believe it is the operator and not simply a reflection of tim's headlights.
1. It would explain the coughing. As the level of coughing, as well as both of them coughing is unusual. People get into fights (although this is the hardly the level of exertion that a real fight would require) and do not have regular, spasmatic coughing fits in the middle of them. (While talking the whole time no less, hardly an activity with a high level of exertion.) Tim even has a coughing fit in the middle of simply talking. Also, Tim's "smoker's cough" cannot explain both of them having spasmatic coughing. And as we know at this point, coughing like this, is a sign of the operator's presence.
2. Near the very end of "figures" appearance. The "white dot/collar thing" disappears only to reappear fractions of a second later. And when they do reappear they look like glowing eyes. Now for why it shouldn't be a reflection of Tim's headlights. Tim's headlights are facing that way and shining the whole time. If the light source is constant, there's no reason why the reflection should disappear and re-appear. If these are supposed to be "glowing eyes". Let's just say it's never been established that the operator's non-eyes can't glow.

Biggest reasons for it being the operator: The coughing fits and it seems strange that the operator would not be present AT NIGHT during an emotional meeting between two of the most involved players in the series. There's voice distortion akin to Alex's during the masky attacks when Tim says that "stay out of my life" line. (Although they are standing next to that wall, perhaps it's just echo) The pulsating window could be an example of video distortion (just simply not tearing)

Biggest reasons I might just be seeing something where there's nothing: Perhaps the coughing fits are simply caused by the exertion of the fight. And lastly, The aforementioned glowing eyes. We don't know that the operator can do that at all. But perhaps the "always watching" ending of the Decay entry could be referencing the operator since he is always watching. ToTheArk does seem to know much more about the operator then we do or Jay does after all. However, in Entry 57 near 1:30. There's a set of glowing eyes at the end of corridor. Alex is outside getting a flashlight. So, who is this? Operator?

Also, perhaps this is ToTheArk watching. (Are his mask's eyeholes reflective? It would fit better with the end of decay, as well as entry ######, which depict him with glowing eyes) Entry 57's 1:30 ish glowing eyes could also be ToTheArk, but if so, why doesn't TTA help Tim out in some way? -Siberus

The SIR- This whole thing seems kind of sureal to me. If you search MarbleHornets, this is the second website listed. I can't help but think that Tim might have looked at our comments, seen what we thik of him. It kind of creeps me out.

As for the white dot, I wish that you hadnt seen it. I was just thinking that we might have been able to survive one entry without interference from either The Operator or TTA. I think the reason Jay was upset at the end is because he's just lost his only potential ally and his last solid lead. So where can he go from here? From session, I gather TTA doesnt want to meet Jay in the tunnel anymore, because he's posted the location on Youtube. Assuming Alex and his "Tall Friend" are watching the Entries, any attempt to meet in the tunnel could becopme a trap. I think Jay will have to come up with a new plan. The SIR.

Alas, it seems highly doubtful. TTA and Operator/Alex are FAR too interested and involved in the events going on now (especially since things seem to be picking up) to just sit on the sidelines and not get involved/ at least watch what goes down in case anything needs intervention. I can't explain the operator being there of course (who can explain him, after all?) but TTA could be there to make sure that neither of them ends up too hurt (if that fight had gone down differently or Tim had snapped) since he needs to protect his precious pawns. As for Jay's next move, I think it'll be the same as always. Find Alex. Although he really needs to figure out who ToTheArk is and meet him. Regardless of what conditions Jay would need to place on himself to make that happen. (Hey TTA, It's Jay, Meet me here at such and such a time, I'll be wearing a black hood to not see you, bring a voice distorter and let's talk) One meeting with TTA could really change things and get Jay some much needed direction/ support. He can't handle that hospital tunnel alone. He'll disappear faster then Seth. If he gets too close without proper support he's as good as dead/ mind wiped again. The only reason Jay has managed as long as he has was because TTA/ Operator found him useful. With Alex under control and TTA not doing much more to help Jay than posting cryptic videos, how needed is he really? I think if he gets too close at this point without knowing more, he may be deemed a nuisance and duly disposed of. No place for X factors in a battle between TTA and Operator/Alex after all. - Siberius

I agree with The SIR in the respect that I would really doubt that the Operator would be there. It has no reason to, and just seems kind of pointless.
Not to mention, the white dot doesn't resemble the Operator OR TTA, and neither of them have been shown to glow in the dark.
I don't really think there's a huge amount of speculation in this entry. I guess its Tim and Jay's "break up video". Tim's had enough, and wants out. I guess it's sort of a turning point, in the respect that now Jay's alone, and is maybe beginning to realise the consequences of his actions. Think it's now safe to say that Jay's on his own from now on. ~scarl18

Just to clear up the whole "is that the Operator at 5:00-5:04" thing… I live in the area. That's a street lamp.

The recently uploaded "Reference" video by totheark shows that TTA was there. However, he was much more likely hiding nearer Tim and Jay's feet rather than in the dot. There still isn't really any solid evidence that the Operator was there. ~scarl18

"Reference" doesn't necessarily indicate that TTA was there. He may have merely ripped the audio from Entry 59. - Sam

I'm pretty sure the pulsing windows are just a result of the camera's autofocus. Jay is coughing because he was punched and recovering. Tim is coughing because he always coughs, plus he's yelling. -KK

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