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Entry #58 was posted on May 21st, 2012.
It has the description of "58".
In total, this entry is 13:35 long.

Tim and Jay encounter the hooded figure.

Main Theories and Observations

At 5:01 it appears that someone may have stepped in front of the lighted door which can be seen through the entrance to the building, since Jay doesn't seem to be moving his camera in a way which would have blocked off the remaining light. ~mytyde

Tim says that he and Alex didn't ever go to the abandoned hospital. Either he doesn't remember going, or he is lying.

Tim didn't seem to cough at Jay's meeting place, but he coughed at the abandoned hospital.

Tim appeared to be edgy and slightly agitated throughout the whole entry. When Jay chased the Hooded Man Tim appeared to get more and more annoyed with Jay.

The hooded person could possibly be Brian or Jessica.

At 11:28 a brief glimpse of what appears to be someones face is shown on from one of the windows of the building. Who it may be is unknown as the image is too blurry to make out properly. Could it be Totheark, Alex or someone completely different?

Between 8:30 and 8:45, the Operator Symbol can be seen at least three different times graffitied onto the walls. Also, I've come up with a possible connection. The Operator…abandoned hospital. Has anyone else considered this? -The SIR.


At 10:45 a cigarette butt can be seen on the ground, same kind that Tim smokes it seems. He was possibly in that maintenance tunnel during his time in the mask.

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