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Entry #57 was posted on May 6, 2012.
It has the description "57".
In total, this entry is 8:11 long.

In the Abandoned building, Tim tries to run from Alex.

Main Theories and Observations

  • The building that Tim enters is identical to the one in Entry 51 where Brian is led to by Alex as mentioned by Jay. This may explain why Tim is seen coughing when Brian finds him the next day.
  • Alex in the previous entry stated that he didn't like the building Tim is in at the start of this entry. Alex seems to have shown a preference to the latter building as this is the one where he leads Brian to the next day.
  • If the Operator found Tim but didn't inform Alex, this implies that the Operator is not capable of intelligence or communication or that there's a reasonable disconnect between his actions and Alex's. Alex does seem to have been looking for Tim though. Either the Operator informed him that Tim was still alive or he was scouting the location to figure out where he could trap Brian the next day. ~mytyde

Further Speculation

  • Tim may have gone into the second building by deducing that Alex was planning to trap Brian there the next day. ~mytyde
  • This one thinks that the 'interference' that happens at 6:34 is actually code that means something, especially the one on the right side. This one thinks it might be something akin to a binary clock.
  • Around 5:27-5:28, when Alex passes the doorway Tim is hidden in, Alex appears to cause the Operator's distortion, though only slightly. However, I suppose this only to be expected, as in some entries the same thing appears to be the case with the masked Tim.
  • At 6:24 there is an extremely quick shot of something on the right side. It looks like The Operator, which suggests he was there and was not visible during that entire clip. I think it is very possible that he only makes himself visible when he wants to be. -themunchkym
  • I have a screenshot of the frame themunchkym reference but the site won't let me upload it. If someone gives me their e-mail address, I'll e-mail it to you and you can upload it. -echelion


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